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Thread: Who would you like to thank/recognise on this site!!!!

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    Who would you like to thank/recognise on this site!!!!

    Not sure if I'm meant to start a thread like this (as I'm not an Administrator) but in the spirit of the season I thought it would be a nice thing to recognise people on the site that have been helpful, have gone out of their way to assist others, or have provided support and information during 2010. I guess this could go one of 2 ways!!!!

    Id like to stat the ball rolling by recognising Muir for the continued support and for the valued information that he gives freely. I must have sent about 10 PMs in the last couple of months asking his advice on different aspects of shooting. All the best to you and your family Muir.
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    I would like to record my thanks to Ian and Jo who have always come and helped me out when some of my projects threaten to overwhelm me. I know I would not have managed without them. If it weren't for the fact that it might make Jo feel queasy I would raise a glass to them both. Here's hoping 2011 will see the friendship continue.


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    My thanks go to the user that has shay lauren the dancing girl in their signature.....
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    STU... Tartinjock, for his unstinting work for H4H, alongside his "real" job.......... 8X57 Mike, & his family & friends for that great event at Monmouth range, again for H4H............. I'm fairly sure those who at the moment, remain unnamed won't mind, as that is the nature of people like this.
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    I would like to say thanks, firstly to all the admin team for there hard work in making this place such a great site & secondly to Wayne Davies & Andy because of their generousity,its because of these guys ive managed to stalk my 1st ever deer (fallow doe),1st Roe buck, another roe buck,1st fallow pricket & recently another fallow doe in the short time ive known them,thanks guys

    ATB Andy

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    Rick O`shea.
    Got me my first Fallow buck and he`s a real fountain of knowledge.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Nobody in particular but I do think admin/mods should get a shout for a clean, tidy and well run forum.
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    Here Here! I've enjoyed another great year here, and met some trully smashing new faces, namely at Monmouth. All the best to all.
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    Nobody in particular but I do think admin/mods should get a shout for a clean, tidy and well run forum.

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    Umm a fair list but everyone who replied to my recent thread about my choice of scope/rifle, Ian and Jo for their continued advice and excellent hospitatlity as well as seeing me get my frst deer earlier this year, Cyberstag for his advice and allowing me to play with his deer earlier this year, Brithunter for a lot of information on Parker Hales, but to be honest this forum is always garuanteed to give me a smile on my face and give me something to think about be it discussions of deer biology or Gitanos excellent articles on hunting in Alaska, so thanks to everyone really! A special thanks to the mod/admin team of course for makng this forum a pleasant place to be!

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    Always tricky these because it's impossible to name everyone, but agree that TJ and 8x57 deserve a big shout for what they've done for H4H this year, as well as all of our members for making the site what it is with their knowledge and enthusiasm, particularly all those who manage to churn out the valuable information time and time again without being drawn into the squabbles!

    On a personal note I'd also like to thank EMcC for his stalking guidance over the past few years and also more recently for putting his name on the line with various FAC related police requests. Also big thanks to IanF and Jo for helping in the ongoing quest to build up the DSC2 portfolio.

    Also big thanks to my partners in crime sikamalc and JAYB for putting together another successful SD stalking trip in Scotland in October and also for helping to guide a naive young(ish) computer geek through the minefield that is administering a stalking forum.

    Happy Christmas all!


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