It was cold, frosty, the light was fast fading as Pheasantsniper (really a Sikamaniac) retuned home with the old Iwrch. The Old keeper had been correct, the Central Belt stalk(er) was the place to go and even though the deer were Flytie he had stood as still as a Stone and claimed the old buck. He was pleased, his Rangefinder and Howa243 had been true and he was a true Brithunter.

Guided by the celestial Orion and with the path lit by Moonrakers moonbeams he made his way through the deep snow towards the hotel at Glen Muir. Here he knew Basil (Nee Fawlty) and the red wine connoisseur Claret-Dabbler would be awaiting his return.

At the same time the wandering Finnbear accompanied by his trusty sidekick/mechanic Monkeyspanner were make their way up the track in the trusty Landy (or was it a Ford Ranger). On board were two new guns, ReMington and Man_licher. The glen was now full of deer, once it was Bandit country and heavily poached but now Geordie had the offenders under lock and key. Illegal hunting was Banned but there was rumour that a large feline was now on the prowl. That couldn’t be true cause nobody had ever photographed or shot one.

The snow was deep and the track was treacherous, rounding a bend there in the beam of the headlights was a pair of bright yellow eyes was it ………..