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Thread: The guns that......................

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    The guns that......................

    you wish you could own
    the ones you never got rid of.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Well I'll never give rid of my .22 match 54 which with scope is probably the most accurate rabbit rifle ever! My dad bought me it so it's never going to go.

    Rifles/Guns I would like..... Do they have to be 'real' ??

    Well a HK PSG1 for sure
    Beretta 93r for skittle shooting
    AA12 for Driven boar that's a must

    M41a Pulse Rifle because if you've seen the film you want one

    ........and a barrett 50 in a pear tree

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    Would the "Barrett 50 in a Pear Tree" be for driven Boar


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    might come to that.... and sooner than you think

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    I purchased a Sauer 200 in 30.06 with a SB scope in Germany a long time ago. Cost me 700 and came with about 150 rounds. At the time I had kids and a mortgage and it was a struggle to raise the cash for the rifle. The engineering on the rifle is superb and although now I have more money and newer rifles with more fancy attachments I still go back to this rifle. It is more like an old friend; we have both seen a lot of action together. I will never get rid of it.

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    My grandad once had a little single shot .22lr lever action just like the ruger no1 with set triggers but this was german , i have looked around for years and have never found or seen anything like it again.
    The rifle i should of never got rid of was a styer mannlicher model L which i gave to my best man at my wedding because he shot his 1st roe buck with it.

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    I've always wanted a .410 SBS hammer gun but have never found one. A mate had one and I don't know why but it looks absolutely superb. The quest goes on..........

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    Hmmm there are many I would love to have like a nice Dbl SxS in 303 or a Farquerson oh yes and another original nice condition Swinburns patent Martini . The list could go on ............................. and on.

    As for the ones I regret passing on well that must be every one .

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    Very unoriginal tastes here. Come the Euromillions, I would go straight for a 12 bore Purdey, 30" barrels, very restrained engraving and case colours.

    Nip round to H&H for a pair of 20 bore OU's, a 9.3x74r SxS for pigs and a pair of bolt action rifles in 30/06 and 375H&H.

    The only gun I really regret selling is my Sauer 202. I don't regret the Blaser that replaced it, but I still want that Sauer...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I will stick with my Mannlicher Shoenaur M72 Stutzen with roll off apel mounts its been kind to me over the years and was bought for me by my father so I am deeply attached to the old smoke pole.

    I have yearnings on a falling block farquarson though but cost more pennies than I can afford , Maybe if I win the lottery I live in hope

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