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Thread: Anyone out there get some good shooting presents?

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    Anyone out there get some good shooting presents?

    Well how did you lot fair this year? I am very happy and got some cracking presents including a matching leather shotgun slip and cartridge bag, a new pair of plus fours and a harkila roe sack that I asked for several months ago and forgot about before buying poppins' sika sack in the H4H auction anyway had a great day with some great presents and 16 round for christmas dinner with turkey and goose on offer what a day its been. Anyone else get any presents they're delighted with?


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    The one thing that bends my trees is that my lot know that hunting is my passion but nothing hunting related ever appears.
    Never mind, i did get my customary bottle from Mrs basil.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I personally got a tweed shooting suit, socks, 1000 cartridges (shotgun), and I had a days shooting a couple of months ago. Also got a partridge day coming up on the 30th which I'm paying for with my christmas money so it still counts as a pressie. We're also going out for deer next week on one of our permissions to try and get my first deer (picked) after I lost my first one that got into thick cover after being heartshot ad we couldn't find it.
    So I've been really spoilt this year and got loads of awesome stuff. Hopefully in a few days time I'll be able to put a report up on here about my first deer. The woodland we shoot will be full of deer (muntjac and roe) with all this snow as it's thick conifer and thus really warm so fingers crossed...
    I hope everyone had a great christmas and I wish you all a happy new year.

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    Got a lovely set of Sealskinz shooting gloves, so no more frost bite fingers!! All the best for 2011.

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    Wife got me a antique art deco brass red stag on a marble plinth, god knows what that cost her, a GPS watch so no chance of not finding my way back to the car if I am stalking on ground other than my own. Then a new ultra sonic cleaner to replace the one I had burnt out.

    Happy days


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    I got Going Foxing, Robert Bucknells second book. It has been difficult to put it down.. Excellent read.


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    Mrs. Buckup is a diamond!

    windstop shooting jumper. Silk tie with duck print. Gift voucher for my local gunshop. Already enjoyed a very nice partridge day. And perhaps best of all not a word of complaint when I brought myself the Tikka 30.06 that I mentioned on here a while back.

    God Bless her.

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    The mrs got me a DSC 1 course...chuffed with that, wanted to do it for a while but too tight to pay for it myself!

    Thanks to her indeed!

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    The balence of the DSC1 for me from Mrs Milly too. Who you going with Daft Dog? If its the Jelen course in Feb I will see you there.

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    The gem i married is always surprising me this year i had the following;

    Trip to wicklow with flights and 150 spending money
    3 barbour shirts
    a pair of nubuck hunting trousers
    aftershave, socks etc of the 3 girls (2 polecats and 1 labrodor) she has clever pets you see.

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