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    New Lady Member


    After a bit of brow beating on Sunday from some fellow members about increasing your female membership I have joined, albeit to help with the auction, but hello.

    I haven't been stalking but I do hear alot about it......

    I love my ferrets, and children permitting enjoy rabbiting and also hawking with my husband. My shooting is not up to much but enjoy going out with my eldest son and his air rifle.

    I was told my driving for lamping wasn't up to much, but after the landie incident I don't think Gyr has a leg to stand on.

    You all sound like a nice bunch and hope you will bear with me while I get to grips with the running of the auction

    Kind regards
    Mrs Gyr

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    Welcome Mrs Gyr,

    Nice to meet you on Sunday, you do a nice brekkie

    Hope you have a good time on here, I know you WILL be bust very shortly on the site.

    You help is much appreciated.


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    good to see you aboard
    next time you can fob chas of with a fiver and the little ones while you enjoy yourself over a pint with the rest of us
    ps sorry chas , you hav a lovely lady wife with some beatifull children , all of you are welcome at my table

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    Thank you TartinJock and Stone

    Not had so many compliments in years!

    Mrs Gyr

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    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for getting involved with the auction. As Tarty Jock said many thanks for your hospitality sunday. You will be a real asset to the site, we need the ladies to get more involved and even run their own events. I'm sure that you will settle in just nicely on here.

    I look forward to seeing Yourself and Chas and the kids soon. Next time I will bring the wife Darinda.

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    welcome aboard. Your volunteering to help with the raffle is very important and generous. it is a shame tartin jock has to leave it with so much good work he has put in.


    welcome and thanks


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    Mrs Gyr, thank you for taking all this on board. TJ has made a splendid job of organising this event, and he has passed it into very safe hands.

    Without people such as yourself these events would not be possible, and to step in at such short notice is very commendable, also thank you to Gyr himself, who I also hear has been very supportive.

    Unfortunatly I cannot be with you all on the day, as I am committed with overseas clients. However I will be thinking of you all, and certainly look forward to meeting some of you at the CLA.



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