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Thread: New Knife Finished

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    New Knife Finished

    +Made this for Michelle for Christmas as she wanted a knife to use for gralloching. For those who want the details its made from 3mm 01 bar stock, a 20 dergrees flat scani grind,red fibre liners with a mosiac pin I made myself for decoration. Not sure what the handle scales are though I suspect Walnut? Shaves hair like a I buy her some plasters too

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    very nice looks lovely I like a knife with a narrow blade,

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    That is a very nice knife ,is it something you do has a hobby or do you make for customers as well.


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    Fine workmanship, & fine looking wood.
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    Really nice job, and a cracking present, dont forget she has to give you a silver coin back!

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    Lovely work there - is this something you do for others - as in do you take on commissions?

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    Thanks for the replies gents, makes the effort woth it .... regarding making a knife for anyone I am looking to start making them in 2011 as so far I have just given knives away to other stalkers who have helped me. I have an arm operation soon which will of course be a set-back and also have to respect the site rules and become a trade I dont see a problem in making knives other than the time factor if my arm operation is soon.



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    Pete, that is a lovely knife! Hope your op is a success, and the knife business!!

    Regards, Simon
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    Very Nice !

    Best wishes for full recovery from your op.


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