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Thread: Muntjac how far have they spread into yorkshire

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    Muntjac how far have they spread into yorkshire

    Muntjac how far have they spread into yorkshire have you guys any reliable sightings
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    Well they have reached the Humber but have yet to get over the bridge into East Yorkshire, odd reports of Muntjac on this side but nothing 100% definate IMO, only a matter of time though. Spoke to a keeper up in North Yorks somewhere who had them on his estate, enough to allow him to shoot the occasional buck.

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    Definatley in Catterick and Richmond.

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    >previous thread<

    I have heard they are near Wetherby and have been seen near Ripon and my brother is adamant he has seen on near to york.


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    I have had a quick glimps of one on the lincs /yorkshire border , the reserve warden on my boundry has had infrequent sightings too . DF

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    One shot and plenty seen on our Darlington shoot.


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    Heard of very reliable sightings on the outskirts of Sheffield, Sheffield Parkway near Morrisons and Shirecliffe, in the middle of the street one morning, but haven`t actually seen any myself.



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    I have seen them a couple of times at Armthorpe, Doncaster as I have been driving on the M18. I have also been told they are round Thorne (not far from Armthorpe) and Drax power station.
    In the Yorkshire Post a month or two ago there was a piece about them starting to been seen round the south side of Sheffield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorksjt View Post
    Drax power station.
    Definitely around Drax I have seen them myself feeding around the fence line at night.

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    I have seen plenty of Roe along the M18 but never a munty. I best keep my eyes peeled

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