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    Hello to everyone here.

    I joined this forum a while back and then my entry into stalking was delayed. Now, however, things are looking up and I have a slot for a .243 (if anyone knows the whereabouts of a Sako 75 Deluxe I would be most grateful) and access to land with plenty of Roe and a landowner who is keen for me to be trained correcctly.

    Anyway, this forum is a wonderful source of advice and information and I look forward to making good use of it.

    Kind regards,


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    Wellcome you should enjoy the website
    Merry X-Mass
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you, too! I have been enjoying the site a lot already: it's excellent.

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    Welcome to the site Dom. You are right it is a fantastic source of information & has some very experienced & helpful members. Good to see another Berkshire member.



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    Thanks, Gunner. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and mixing with some good people.

    Kind regards,


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