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Thread: Frost bitten antlers

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    Very good pic and very interesting too.

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    Sorry this was a first post so managed to send before adding text. This buck fawn was seen on Christmas Eve, dancing about and shaking its head. By clicking and enlarging the image you can see the velvet has shed on one button and has shrivelled on the other. Surely too early for normal shedding, could this be as a result of frostbite? Any views?


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    It would certainly make sense that what you have pictured is the effect of frostbite on the velvet-I have certainly heard that it is possible but never seen it myself. Poor little buck , can't be comfortable at all. Cracking photo though mate, many thanks.

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    Yes i think your right frost bite ! i once shot a roe buck in hard antler with black blunt stubs to each antler point i put that down to being caused by frost bite too

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    great picture, how big was he.
    He looks like a young buck and without knowing his body size i would guess him to be this years young ??
    whats your thoughts lads.
    my experience is that frost will not stunt the actual growth but will malform the tips, so he may just be a poor quality (possibly fluke) infected Youngster

    awaiting correction

    atb f,

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    He's a buck fawn so these are his first buttons. From photos I've seen of frostbite in humans it affects the tips of fingers and toes first but his antlers are so small that in this case the velvet has come off the whole antler, with the white 'bone' exposed. My guess is that due to the discomfort of the frost that he rubbed the velvet off his antlers. What actually surprises me is that it is not more common or is it because the freezing weather has come so early this year that the early stages of antler growth are more susceptible to frost? Anyway his antlers won't get any bigger this year!Dama

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    It is about now that the button bucks would clean there very small antlers and from this set he will cast soon and grow his new ones or his first proper .PS nice photo indeed.

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