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Thread: Close encounters.

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    Close encounters.

    Last year my brother went one afternoon to check the pheasant pen in the small wood where we have a bit of a game shoot. It was was sunny day and he was wearing a brown jacket and a white baseball cap. The wood is edged by a 20 metre set aside strip and as he rounded a corner he saw a Roe about a hundred meters away on the strip. Out of habit he knelt down to lower his silhouette whilst he tried to get a better look at the buck. As he did so the movement caught the deers attention and its head went up for a few seconds. Then instead of moving off into the cover the deer did the oppposite and charged up the track straight at my brother. He realised that the deer had no intention of stopping so had to stand up when the deer was about 10 meters away and still going strong. The buck slammed the anchors on at this point and left a nice set of skid marks in the ground before managing to stop and then turned 180 and ran off in the direction he came from. IIRC it was about the time of the rut. So forget the Buttolo and invest in a white base ball cap.

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    hi mudman
    you may not believe me but the other friday with the wind in our backs a roe buck on scenting us instead of running for cover came at us like a steam train, must of been the aftershave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Yeah 'High Karate'.
    not sure you will hav to ask leagle about that
    mind you he looked like an ageing rockstar , so anything is possible

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    He didn't get very far though did he Stone old mate just had him for dinner tonight
    I have written the whole adventure up but as its sort of in mind for an article I may submit on the subject of my first ever hunt, and its about 3 pages long and not quite finished, I will put up a concise version as soon as Mr B shows me how to post the piccies 8)

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    No worries Rob, just load them into 'Photobucket' and you are away. Give us a call and we can sort it out mate. I look forward to reading the article.

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    blimey leagle
    we only went out for a stalk not a months adventure
    just a shame i never took the camera with me, hope he tasted well as you are now the new hunter gatherer in the household beats tesco's any day,

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    Well you know me mate never a one to gild the lots

    I made a casserole out of that damged shoulder, tasted bloody marvelous my neighbour who helped me butcher it and his son another mate of ours came round for the evening to join me and Fran, we emptied several wine bottles and you were toasted to your very good health and excellent venison at some point in the evening as I recall 8)

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