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Thread: 9.3x72R (.360) Shell Holder Source

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    9.3x72R (.360) Shell Holder Source

    Gentlemen, I am soliciting your assistance in finding a shell holder for a 9.3x72R cartridge. The head diameter of the Norma cases I have is 0.428", and the rim diameter is 0.482". Rim thickness isn't usually an issue, but to 'close the loop', it's 0.050".

    Searches through the Lee, RCBS, Lyman, and Hornady charts suggests that the Lyman #14B, the RCBS #26, and the Hornady #13 might work. If you have used any of these shell holders for your 9.3x72R reloading, or know that one of them will work, please let me know. If you know of where I can get a shell holder specifically for the 9.3x72R, I would appreciate the information.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS - The Hornady #13 WON'T work, I have found out.

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    Paul, I've just had a look in my Nobel reloading manual and it shows that a RCBS number 30 shell holder as being the correct one for 9.3x72R.
    Then looking at the shell holder table it shows that RCBS number 30 is also used for .41 Remington Magnum which equates to Lyman 30, Hornady 29 and Lee number 9. I don't know for certain if any of these will work, only that this is the printed information. Though unrelated I know from personal experience with 9.3x74R that two different shell holders are suggested depending on rim size and thickness for that calibre so possibly with your 9.3x72r it will be a matter of trial and error.

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    Thanks, 8x57.

    Looking at the head and rim dimensions of the .41 Rem Mag, I see it is a bit larger that my 9.3 Norman cases. My concern is that the nominal head of the .41 RM PLUS the tolerances for a shell holder, might be a 'bit much' for these cases. I've already torn up two rims, (not unsalvageable, but not pretty either). These long narrow cases require plenty of 'elbow grease' even with plenty of lube. This particular 9.3x72R cartridge (the ".360" version) is particularly narrow, and sizing the "standard" Norma 9.3x72R brass to chamber in the chamber of the Franz Sodia Cape gun requires muscle to insert AND extract from the resizing die. Hence the search for the "right" shell holder. In the end, I might be forced to make my own, which is not difficult right up to the point you have to cut the slot for the rim. I haven't yet perfected my skills in making 'woodruff' or slot cutters.

    I'm going to get a holder for the .41 RM and see how it works.

    Thanks again,

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    I know what you mean about chewing up rims. I had similar problems with my 8x57jrs when I first started reloading for it because of a faulty resizing die. The die was returned to Lee who replaced it and the problem was solved, though they claimed it was within spec? From what I understand rim thicknesses often vary between many of the European manufacturers, which can probably make quite a difference with a break action rifle.
    I can't say that I've had any problems reloading for my 9.3x74r with Norma cases and RCBS dies. The only problems I've had is obtaining 9.3mm bullets but that's more to do with our silly laws and it being not a very popular calibre in the U.K. I'm seriously thinking of having a custom mold made by Lee and using cast bullets for practise.

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    I think the Norma brass I have is a bit 'soft', but I'm fine with that. I tried the #9 shell holder for the Lee Auto Prime. It worked fine. Of course it won't work in a press. Nonetheless, it will be easy to get a #9 shell holder for a press from MidwayUSA for US$3.50. I think that will solve my resizing problems.

    I'm seriously thinking of having a custom mold made by Lee and using cast bullets for practise.
    Sounds like a good idea. You might consider getting the Lee #90466 mold. It's nominally 0.365", but my experience with Lee molds is that they throw bullets at least 0.002" larger than nominal with wheel weight alloy. The 90466 bullet is only 95 grains, but if you're just interested in inexpensive plinking and target practice, it would be much less expensive than having a custom mold made. Even if it didn't turn out to be what you wanted, you'd be out less than a custom mold will cost you. Also, you could have someone make a 'swage' for you that uses the bullet one of the .358" molds and 'bumps it up' to your specific groove diameter, say 0.366" or so. I bet you could even find someone here at The Stalking Directory that would be willing to do that 'for a bottle of something'.

    I'll let you know how the #9 shell holder works out.


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    I never thought of using the mold for a 9mm Makarov to produce plinking bullets, but there again I would prefer to use full size (rifle type bullets).
    I have however read of using .357 bullets which I have a ready supply, paper wrapped to achieve the desired diameter. These I understand have even been used to take "Hogs" in some parts of the U.S. Now these I might give a go to.
    Copper plated bullets that I had sent over from Germany have so far been a total disaster in both the 8mm and 9.3mm. The copper plating prefers to adhere to my barrels rather than the bullets even at low velocities, and they are far from accurate even at very short range.

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    Got my Winter 2010 copy of the Double Gun Journal through the post yesterday. There is a good article on 9.3x72, the variations in this calibre and working up different loads for it.

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    Thanks, Heym SR20.

    That is a great publication if for nothing else than the gorgeous pictures they publish. I'll try to get my hands on a copy.

    Thanks again,

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