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Thread: .270 rifle

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    .270 rifle

    has anyone got the remington or the t or x browning rifle in .270 i am thinking of buying one would like some honest opinions

    chris 123

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    I've got the Remington .270 in stainless synthetic with a T8 Mod. It does exactly what I ask of it and it takes a fair bit of punishment. Some will tell you its not the most fashionable but it is perfect for me. With the mod on there is very little recoil and you can see the bullet strike. All in all it is a very good, hard wearing piece of kit.

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    Chris,check out a Tikka T3,probably the finest rifle available for the kinda money your talking about spending on a either of the above(if your buying new)

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    I have stalkers on my estate with both of the above, the Remington was sub 1" out of the box, X bolt was same. Both rifles have det mags, the best thing for you to do is to go to a shop[big one with lots of stock] and handle some rifles. You will know when you hold a rifle if its what you want, I have a 25 year old Sako, my first rifle that just said ''buy me'' when I picked it up, same as shotguns, one will feel right for you, they all send a bullet up a barrel, some just feel sweet doing it. deerwarden

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    Hi Chris,

    I recently acquired a Browning X bolt s/s in .270. Stuck a Predator8 can up front and Docter 8x56 on top. I started off using Winchester Super X 150grn and the groupings were reasonably o/k (all in the 2" @ 125mtrs) but recently switched to Federal power shoks 150grn. They now all group in the 1" and often go bullet on bullet on a good day. I agree with scotty regarding recoil - not a lot of difference to the .243. An absolutely brilliant set up and a real mean machine on woodland reds! Go for it my man - you will enjoy !

    Oh........ and all straight out of the box !

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    i use a weatherby vanguard in a 270 with a swarovski z6 2x12x5o scope and a t8 mod use norma 110 grain ballistic tips bullets .last thing i shot with it was a crow at 264 yards. a very acurate rifle.would recommend a weatherby

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    thanks all nice to hear from people who actually shoot theses rifles


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