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Thread: FAC renewal

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    FAC renewal

    My FAC is due in June 2011, I want to go to Africa in May, what is the earliest I can apply to renew and possibly add 22LR rifle, will have to get renewal before trip, or a temporary FAC/ extended one?, with cutbacks in licensing departments I can see this could be an issue, anyone been in similar position. deerwarden

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    Contact your firearms department and ask the questions as various forces obviously have different time-scales for the same task.


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    I wouldn't have thought that you could apply too early, the sooner you get it in the better the chance that it'll all be done and dusted by the time you need it. You might lose a month or so, but better that than not have it come back in time!

    Obviously a phone call to the department letting them know what you need, and why you need it, should give you some more detail, but I'd always try and give them more time than they ask for!

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    By my understanding you can't get a new certificate issued before the previous certificate is to expire because you could possibly receive a certificate before it is actually valid. You can though keep your certificate under certain circumstance like you have described while the administration process of renewal is taking place.

    So, I'm quite sure after explaining your circumstance to them that you could make your renewal application but hold onto the certificate because it is necessary for you to do so before handing it in or having it collected once you return.

    Good luck for then though!

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    i contacted the local frd in nov telling him that I would be in Africa from dec and would not be back until mid jan and that my cert runs out 3rd feb he said that he could not bring it forward but will make it a priority once I got home, we shall see. What happens if I don't get my renewal before my old one runs out?


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    Put your guns to an RFD and wait your new certificate Charlie. Last time i did mine the FO picked my cert up when he did my cabinet check cert came through one week later.

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    Start the application process, you don't need to be in the country for them to be processing your paperwork. They also do email now so communication is not an issue most places in the world now. The background checks, doctors, references are what take the time really so that can be going on while your away. If that's alll checked then the interview is just a simple process and there's nothing left to hold it up.

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    get it into them as soon as you can then follow it up with a call to check they have it and explain the circumstances. For starters they like to see you being on top of things and also they can send you out your new ticket but if its like mine it will be dated when your old one runs out not before. Herts do seem to be more sensible than most though as they also didn't ask me to send in my old ticket just took it at the interview and posted it back with the new one. Absolutely spot on so I had the ability to buy ammo and have it with me for all but a week

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    I've just had the exact situation as described.
    I contacted my Licensing Department and explained that I would be away for periods in November, December and again in January and that I required my current FC for the trips in Nov and Dec and my new one, which expires 3rd January, in time to travel abroad on 5th January.
    I was told to start the renewal process early November and that I can retain my current FC until the expiry date.
    I handed my renewal paperwork in 18th November, had my FEO check 7th December and recieved my new FC 15th December complete with a couple of alterations and variations and dated to take effect 4th January 2011.
    I must congratulate Wiltshire Firearms Department on being not only efficient but sensible as well and they could not have been more helpful if they tried.
    I do have a very long track record, which may have helped ;-)
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    Many thanks EMcC, kind of replie I hoped for will call my FAL dept in ne w year to advise on my needs, many thanks. John.

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