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Thread: Sako Model History?

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    Sako Model History?

    Hi, Everyone.

    I have a Sako 75 in .223 and it is a lovely rifle. However, I am curious as to the model line up of older Sakos as I am looking to buy a .243 soon. I have come across lots of older models and wondered where they all fit in a production time line, as it were. For example, the 591 seems a nice rifle.

    Also, older Tikkas look interesting, eg the M55.

    Thank you in advance for any help and sorry for being an ignoramus!

    Kind regards,


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    Don't really know much about the history of sako although there is a dedicated forum to them if you do a search on google i think it's called lefora or something like that.I do know that the 491,591 and 691 were short medium and long actions of the same rifle which were the predescessor of your 75 although well made are considered the turning point for cost cutting for sako as they ftted them with a tikka trigger but the actions are recognized as being some of the best and strongest popular for custom builds,i've got a L691 deluxe and its lovely wouldn't want a new one really.

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    Thanks for that, Neil. Very interesting reading. The Hunters Cabin has a nice 591 so that explains its age relating to the 75.

    As an aside, my 75 has a floor plate magazine, which I like. What other Sakos have this? In an ideal world I would like a 75 Deluxe in .243 to match my .223 Deluxe. They seem rare, though.

    Thanks again, Dom.

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    I dont know about earlier sakos but i would imagine they are same as mine with a fixed mag and only loadable from the top something which i prefer to be honest over detachable mags,i've got a load for my 30.06 now thats 0.050" over max OAL cartridge length and is easily accomadated so they have their advantages,cant lose it either.

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    I hadn't thought about fixed mag, but that sounds fine. Loading from the top is no issue, anyway.

    Thanks for your reply,


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    Had a sako L579 handed down a few years ago. It was built end sixties.
    I think it is possibly one of the best designed hunting actions...ever.
    It is lighter and smaller than most other short actions, has an integrated recoil lug
    and a good trigger. The one I have had killed thousands of animals in South Africa.
    Down side, the rifle was never accurate. Never fed well or reliably from the drop plate mag.
    In the meantime I rebarreld the rifle and she is very accurate...but still doesn't feed well. Would it be
    a remmy or howa I could replace the magazine drop plate with an aftermarket system not so
    with this one. I will try to convert an aftermarket system to fit the rifle. I have already
    built myself a stock to fit the action.
    There are down sides to older actions, even if they might be of better design than some newer
    actions. When it comes to barrels I think they are on average better nowadays.

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    Food for thought re. the floor plate mag. My .223 loads with no problem, despite the floor plate mag. Hey, ho! Sakos are certainly nice rifles and good value second hand.

    Many thanks, Dom.

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