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Thread: Roe Deer in the Snow!

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    Roe Deer in the Snow!

    I was out the other day having a walk through the snow on a few of my permissions to see what Game, Vermin, Pests, Poachers, etc: were moving about when I came across these Roe Deer. Fortunately I had my camera with me and got these shots from distances ranging from 25 yards to about 75 yards. Not the highest quality photos but it was pleasing to see them so close up!
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    Very nice and seasonal, the buck looks a good one as well.

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    Great pictures mate and the Roe look in good nick

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    These three are just a small portion of the herd that ranges over four of my permissions all, most of these permissions border on to each other. These Roe here are all in quite good condition and the herd is growing well each year. This is one of the permissions/areas that I am asking for the .243 variation for. With the herd growing each year we will soon be having to think about a the possibility of a management plan! For the time being though I feel priveledged to have them settling on my permissions as photographing them gives me a lot of pleasure! I must admit that the Buck has stood offering me a perfect broadside shot on many occasions.

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    The deer managment plan starts right now mate dont wait till your needed that can be to late for some .You need to start taking out injured or be prepared to and any really old beasts. ENJOY BUT MAKE SURE YOU ACT ON WHAT YOU SEE.

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    Nice pics mate, for the close shots was that stalking practice?

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