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Thread: .22 Hornet Realoading !

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    .22 Hornet Realoading !

    Hi, just received a reloding kit for my .22 Hornet this xmas and i'm a bit confused with the resizing issues ! Do i really need to fully resize the case's o'r just the neck's, as it states in the reloading book that a fired case from the same gun is the best fit you can have !??? Thank's...

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    Neck sizing will give you more case life and more accuracy,however Neck sized cases should only be used in the rifle it was fired from

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    I have just had a issue with neck sizing...I always neck sized but have now stopped due from the advice on this forum, if a case is neck sized eventually you will need to 'bump' the shoulder back due to brass migration. I have since found out that hunting brass should be fully sized due to this fact as if you need a second shot and it wont feed it could make you wish you had.

    Here a bit of advice I found on the net.

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    I generally neck size from choice but need to full length size about every third firing, as soon as the bolt feels a bit tight on a new round I just full length resize the lot at the next reloading session and the one after that.

    I dont currently load for Hornet but am just in the process of acquiring a 17AH so soon will be !.


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    I neck size only for my hornet, some of the brass I used working a load up has had at least 10 loads now, no problems yet, still chamber properly.
    Something has moved though as they needed trimming for length, once.


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    Thank's Lads you've been very helpfull ! Another issue i've got is that the Full lenght sizer (Lee Die) wont accept the casing, they only go in 2/3 of the way ! A considerable force is applied to the lever but they will not go in any further ! I feel as if somethings wrong here, any help would be much appreciated. Thank's ..

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    I dont reload for hornet my self but just wondering have you lubed the necks inside before trying sounds like the neck mandrel is sticking or you have a naff die.

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    Hi, yes have lubed the casing inside and out ! What do you mean with the neck mandrel sticking !? Thank's..

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    Only that if there was no lube that would drag on the brass but even so it shouldn't be that hard to size,have you unsrewed the top of the die to have alook at it make sure there is no obstruction in there and also there should be a small hole that vents the die stopping it hydraulicing make sure its clear poke a needle or some wire through it.

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    Yes, just stripped it apart, seems that the neck get's squeezed/deforms real bad further along into the die. Thinking it must be a fault with the die, seems to be too narrow on the outside, internal rod seems fine though !? Same story with the primer tool - parts missing !!!! story of my life !! lol Thank's again...

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