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Thread: Thanks For Your Support...But....

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    Thanks For Your Support...But....

    Hello All,

    It is with regret that I have to announce that I am pulling out of the March and Shoot, The Auction and the Raffle.

    As most of you will know I am in the Forces. I have been posted at very short notice to the North of Scotland in 5 weeks. On arrival there, I deploy to Kenya for 2 months on Exercise then return home. I then get ready to deploy to Afghanistan in Feb 09 for 6months.

    I am gutted to have to pull out of the organising and running of the whole event, but Swampy has his finger well on the pulse there. Beowulf is also well up to speed with all the activities. Both are an asset to this site.

    Mrs Gyr has offered to take on my job now and run the Auction and the Raffle. I am very grateful to Mrs Gyr for taking this on, I know she will get the support and help from all involved on this site to make it fantastic.

    I will be around until I move so I am still here to help, I Can and Will be involved with this as much as I can until I move house.

    Please continue with the support and generosity that this event has started with.

    Many Thanks


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    Thanks for what you have done so far

    And good luck with the future


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    Best of luck on your travels.

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    Hard luck mate, travel safe. Give us a shout when you are up North and we will have a pint if we can manage it.


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    Hi Tj
    Sorry to here your on the move already, it was a pleasure to meet and stalk with you and when you are back in the UK you know where I am if you want a stalk.


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    Sorry to hear that. Have a safe tour and if you're ever over to the west coast look me up.

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    Cheers for the positive comments.


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    Good luck on your tour mate, have a safe journey


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    Good luck mate, where ever you go, stay safe.

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    TJ Thank you for all the help with the March and Shoot, you have been a great support and help to this site and its members.

    I wish you good health, good luck, and a very safe return back. Also to you and everyone else in our marvelous armed services thank you for all your work and professionlism in keeping the enemy from our door.

    God bless and a safe return back to your families and friends

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