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    Morning all,

    I have found a supply of molasses in my local area, (Wales) but the smallest amount he will let go is 280 kgs.

    Question is, is there anybody interested in purchasing half of this for 50.00 as he wants 100.00 for 280 kgs.

    I have used this before on straw when I lived up north and the Deer loved it so decided to try and source a dealer in Wales and found one in Swansea.

    I would think this is also suitable for Boar as it is really sweet and could be poured over grain or anything pigs eat.

    Not sure what size the buckets are but probably weigh about 5 kgs each but will find out from the warehouse next week.

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    Molasses will keep for a long time if you cannot find someone to share. Put it in old plastic 5 gallon drums with the lid on tight; a couple of years should be no problem. If you are using it just to attract deer by giving them something tasty when poured on silage etc it should be ok but I would not feed it ad lib. I used to use the dispensers that have a wheel that rotates in the molasses and the deer lick it off. supposed to be self regulating on intake. For us farmers it is only of benefit at the right price which normally means 10 ton drop. Haven't used any for years now. Have fun.

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    You can buy it from horse feed outlets. I think it costs about 5 a gallon. Very good for attracting Deer.

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    Darned good in cookies, too... ~Muir

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    the stuff that we feed to livestock is not exactly cooking grade molasses. It is a bit more runny and actually has a slight sulphery tang to it. I've tentativly tried it and I can't reccomend it.
    If the O.P has food grade molassses it would be at a not bad price, but the livestock grade molasses is about 150 tonne delivered into purchasers tanks.

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    Yeah, I know. We have the same stuff here. I used to mix it for my cousins dairy cattle when I was a boy. Had to toss the next go round of milk if I remember rightly....

    I love molasses (food grade at least) and it was quite a treat when I was young. ~Muir

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    Yep, horse feed suppliers do much smaller quantities!

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    Supplier is BACO South Wales which only deal in food grade products.

    We have a tank up the farm with molasses in it and this used to be fed to the stock on chopped barley and meal.

    The meal which we use now for the beef cattle has to be organic and also contains molasses but like you say, the agricultural molasses is quite runny and I have never attempted to feed this to the Deer.

    This whole venture is purely to give the Deer a food substitute as when the snow was down the woods looked very bare and you could see the Deer had stretched as far as they could to reach the Ivy.

    I have also been putting down minerals for them and beans and they seem to love them and have even ventured from the woods, across the field,some several hundred yards and gone down to the river bank and helped themselves to the barley which I have been putting down for the Mallard.

    Putting down some Pheasant feeders tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if they find these

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