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Thread: What's the best Sat Nav to get for stalking?

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    What's the best Sat Nav to get for stalking?

    As above, I am keen to get folk's thoughts on the best hand held Sat Nav to get to take stalking.

    Thanks JCS

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    Buy a PDA or smart phone running Windows Mobile operating system Link it to a Bluetooth satellite receiver, then add Memory Map software & maps to it & bingo - Ordnance survey maps with your location, tracks, etc etc all to hand. Simples!
    Mine is HP RX3715 pda, I-Blue 737 bluetooth receiver plus the Memory Map software - all off fleabay for not a lot. (Also running Tom Tom as a bonus)


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    John, simplest is to download uk map (£6.00 or so) onto your iPhone and you the have 1:10,000 mapping plus way point,goto etc. Having the map on your iPhone means you are not relying on phone singles etc to download maps. Plus you always have it with you. Downside is battery life. Use to check position but would n't use it like a compas.

    But also have a look at the Garmin ÍTrex series. Good robust GPS designed for hill walking etc, and many now feature OS mapping as well. I have a Garmin 12 - simple interface, no mapping per se, but gives you coordinates, speed and direction - and they are bombproof. I use it with a traditional OS map. I still have my doubts about reliability of electronic devices and default to map and compass if I don't know the area, using GPS as a an aid / backup.

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    I have one of these-

    >>GARMIN 101<<

    Easy to use

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Have a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx, great bit of kit but at the more expensive end of the market.


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    I'm not sure that it is the best but I use a Garmin GPS 60CS with the OS maps for the areas I stalk in Scotland. It works well for me and as GPS units tend to be "fashion" items for the "we do dangerous sports you know" crowd you can often get perfectly good end of line ones for reasonable money. The OS maps are not inexpensive but worth it in my opinion.

    If you are buying it as an emergency backup for when things go wrong then don't mess about with phones and PDAs that aren't waterproof, as robust and are designed for trendy looks rather than functionality. If you need something for when things aren't quite going right then you need something that will work when things aren't quite going right.

    I also have a very old Garmin GPS 12XL which I bought when they were first released and all it really gives you is your current coordinates. This worked just fine for me for a very many years, and might be all you need, but you really need to use it in conjunction with a map. I always carry two maps (if you haven't had one blow away you're not trying hard enough) and two compasses but the GPS provides a further level of redundancy especially when walking alone for long periods of time in very remote areas.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. One more question re all these Garmin devices. If I fall in a hole on a clear fell and break my leg, can I raise the alarm via any of these Garmins? Most places I stalk have limited or no mobile coverage.

    Rgds JCS

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    No, you're buggered if you stalk on your own out of phone coverage, same as if you're on the hill on your own. Leave information on the day whom with you stay. They call out the rescue when you don't report back in on time.

    I always trim a map to the area that I'm on and laminate it. That and a compass are essential backup.


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    Bushnell BackTrack

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    All these do is either take you back up the cliff you have just fallen off or complete the triangle and take you as the crow flies over terrain you know nothing about, including as yet unseen cliffs....


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