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Thread: Waxwings on Rowan berries

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    Waxwings on Rowan berries

    I have a rowan tree just outside my bedroom window and was lucky to photo these birds coming in to feed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice photo Mulac. I've planted dozens of Rowans about the farm for the very reason you see here. I've had a massive fall of Fieldfares this year and they've been flat out in my hedges. Can't say I've ever seen a Waxwing about here though.

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    Lovely photograph! There are currently a few waxwings around Poole and Bournemouth at the moment.I spotted a group, feeding on bushes in the carpark at Sainsbury's in Poole just before Christmas, and also spotted about 10 on one of the bushes in Herbert Avenue a couple of days ago.

    Must be kicking up a bit rough on the continent, to drive them over here??

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    They are usually in Scotland most winters. In my garden they usually demolish all the berries over a couple of days then move on so you do not get a lot of opportunity to see them. Normally they arrive when I am at work but this time it coincided with the holidays so managed to get the photograph.


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