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Thread: .243 Brass and reloading kit

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    .243 Brass and reloading kit

    Hi Gents,

    I had a bit of clear out over Christmas and now have for sale-

    just over 300 once fired RWS cases (will sell in 100's)

    100 federal once fired cases,

    a set of brand new RCBS 5-0-5 scales,

    a brand new RCBS powder thrower .

    Both have never been used as I got them in a RCBS rockchucker kit but had also brought some lyman electronic scales, anyone interested in any of these just make me an offer.

    merry christmas and a happy new year to you all.


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    Hi Again,

    just found a brand new powder trickler and primer pocket brush as well. if anyone was interested I would sell the lot for 200.00

    ( 300 rws cases, 100 federal cases, powder thrower, 5-0-5 scales, powder trickler and primer pocket brush.)


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    Is all this still available?

    Best Regards,


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    The RWS cases, the powder trickler and the primer pocket brush have gone.

    The federal cases, the powder thrower and the scales still available.

    I also have some metric calipers available, brand new.

    All open to offers.

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    Its the scales I'm interested in, what ya after for them?



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    Hi,are the federal cases still available.

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