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Thread: lawrence precision sound moderators

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    lawrence precision sound moderators

    hi all
    i know this subject has is done to death but heard good reports about lawrence moderators any one used one , own one ect cost they really look superb and completely made of titanium so light be interested to hear your reports many thanks

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    Accessories Reviews | Gunmart

    Found this on web pages, may be of interest to you or other members on the site.

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    Why do people always try and bull things up by saying its certified by the US military and used in military fighter jets.. Its like saying that the womens institute certify lindt chocolate as the best, doesnt mean it makes a good moderator. also does a military fighter jet engine run hotter than a jet engine mounted on a civillian aircraft?! NO! Its a bit like the selling ploy that M&S use by saying 'thats not a roast potato, its a hand cleaned, cuddled by a nun and roasted by an oak fire in buck palace roast potato.''

    Rant over. I do like the idea of titanium, just not the price tag.

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    Got one and no better or worse sound reduction than all the other usual suspects

    Mine is attached to a finlight as a lightweight carry set up which it suits very well however I don't think I'd go down the expensive titanium route again especially with the newer lightweight offerings from Atec/Third Eye

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    Can only speak from experience.

    Was asked to fit two to a brace of 308's.

    They worked very well, pretty quiet and well made (couldnt strip em to see internals)

    Tolerances were pretty tight, the screwcutting has to be 100% concentric otherwise you will get issues......

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