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Thread: De-capping Die

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    De-capping Die

    Dear All,

    I've been reading around the subject of reloading and have assembled most of the kit. One of the things that has exercised me a bit is the order in which the processes should be carried out.

    I understand that fired cases need to be cleaned before they are put through a de-priming / resizing die. It seems inefficient to clean a case with the spent primer in place as the primer pocket would then need to be cleaned a second time, after the case has been de-primed and re-sized. This lead me to wonder whether a die that only de-primes is available. A quick search on the internet revealed that de-capping dies exist and are widely available.

    My question is - do people use de-capping dies so that they can clean cases once, in a tumbler or ultrasonic bath? Those of you who use universal de-capping dies, which would you recommend and why?

    Any advice would be gratefully received.



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    Sure they do. Lee sells them but one brand would work as well as another, I would think.~Muir

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    I use a Lyman de-capping die - one die is suitable for all calibres. I only neck size my brass, so a separate de-capping die works well.

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    Like yourself i considered getting one then thought well ok now i decap,clean and then what i go lube the case contaminating it again before sizeing and then trim and deburr contaminating it again wont it really need another clean especially the inside of the neck so what i do is give the dirty case a quick brush out inside the neck with a suitable bronze brush then clean any soot around the outside of the neck with a green pan scourer and quick wipe over case,size and decap in one,trim ,deburr and then clean,seems to make more sense to me.

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    I decap the cases, clean them using an ultrasonic cleaner, full length resize them, trim and deburr and then clean them again.

    Rgds JCS

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    Cleaning the primer pocket takes a second using the little Lee gizmo. So if the cases need cleaning and they don't always need it I might add, they go in the tumbler then get lubed then sized then wiped clean and the pocket cleaned then trimmed if required deburred and the neck wiped out then primed and loaded.

    I did buy a Lee universal de-capper the other year and have used it once to de-prime soem .303 HXP brass.

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    The sinclair one is great - comes with large and small primer decapping pin and spares
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    Thanks for all your replies on this.

    I'll give some more thought to whether I need one.



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    Generally if my cases are pretty clean, i stick them straight through the combined resizing die which de caps at the same time. I then clean the primer pocket and clean in ultrasonic bath. IF the cases are really dirty then i would clean them before to avoid stuck cases and the likes.

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    Yup,Lee universal decpaping die, I'm pretty sure it was under 20 from re-loading solutions
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