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Thread: Deer management software

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    Deer management software

    What would deer management software have to do?
    I'm thinking of writing something but would need a specification of sorts to proceed

    Any ideas would be welcomed

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It would need to look nice and have pictures of roe deer on it and have a nice cream and brown back ground all it would need to cover most thing people write down.

    Date time weather area notes and then all the normal stuff if you would write in for a cull speices sex weight lactating etc etc hours spent out

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    Anyone who would wish to contact me by p.m with your email addy I will send you a working attachement that you can adopt that i have devised for the purpose.


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    Not sure how deep you want to take this. There has been much work done by Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in Aberdeen, these pages may give you some help:;

    Wild Deer Best Practice web site may also be helpful:

    Good luck,


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