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Thread: Litt's Auction

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    Litt's Auction

    I have just read on another Forum that the Rumour is Litt's are getting all their held stock Auctioned. Upto 2400 Rifles/Shotguns.

    Has anybody out there heard anything about this?

    Time to "Bag a bargain" me thinks....If it's true.


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    Wow...hope it's the week after next when I'm darn sarf.

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    I believe that all the good stuff has been re-patriated with their suppliers.

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    Mnnn, a nice SAKO 85 in .243 for about 100 would do me nicely

    Dream on!

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    I spoke to the main administrator who is handling the liquidation process about a 2 weeks ago and was asked to be kept informed by email when i recieve that i'll post here.

    since then i have bought everything i need and payed alot it seems

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    the guy i use , hasn't had the deals that he was led to belive he was getting, though he did do a deal with the administrators on some items , and also commented that his suppliers, were raising their prices by 20% in light of what happened to litts and the present inflation costs
    just hav to wait and see on what goes on

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