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Thread: Starting Out Reloading

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    Starting Out Reloading

    Hey Guys,

    I'm just thinking of going into reloading. I have a .243 and 7mm-08 and am looking into what starter kits (or something) you can get. I have a couple of mates who are into reloading after talking to each of them there seems to be an unlimited amount of stuff you can buy. I was just wondering what a good place to start from would be.


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    I just started reloading about 6 months ago if that. I bought a Lee Anniversary kit as far as I can see it’s a great kit for someone starting out think it was 125 and that gave me everything I needed to get started. The only thing I couldn’t get on with was the scales so got some electric ones from RCBS and they seem to be helping allot. I'd recommend getting a good reloading book as well.

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    You won't go far wrong with the Lee kit , but the sky is the limit when you get into it , I use a mixture of Lee and rcbs , The Lee kit will get you into making accurate rounds and then just add as and when . Beno is right get a good reloading book read it and then read it again .

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    I'm in a similar position to you. I've just started reloading.

    I was lucky enough to get a load of RCBS stuff second hand. This might not be a bad way to go if you can find someone selling a reloading set up. As far as I can tell the press and other main stuff from most manufacturers is built to quite an agricultural standard so its unlikely to be worn out unless its been hammered very hard.

    As to reloading books, as I've read mine I've started to think about what I want from my reloads and hence what kit I need. I have the second Lee reloading manual. It is written by the founder of the Lee reloading company and does read like an advert for Lee stuff at times. However, the author has a lifetime of experience and its a fascinating read. I want to read the Hornaday book next as I have chosen to start loading Hornaday bullets. I understand that the book has details of loads for all of their bullets.

    Hope this helps a bit.



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    Hi and a mate started out the same as you 5\6 yrs ago went different ways to source info but both ended up with RCBS rockchucker kits plus a few extras it costs a bit more than some of the other stuff but you wont regret it. try Norman Clarke gunsmithes or the sportman gunshops both been very good to me. good luck ps get a good reloading book and read it (twice if poss!!) before you start

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