Decided today to load a few rounds , started with the 308 and CCI primers , priming the prepped cases(lapua) on the lee press . After priming a visual check to ensure primers were seated correctly, no problems so far .
Next up was the .243 again lapua brass but this particular load requires magnum primers, so primed the cases again from the lee press with federal benchrest magnum primers.
I get a nice feel for the primers when seated with this method and felt nothing out of the ordinary , but upon inspection found that the primers had small indentations in them .

Firstly I measured both types of primers and they both made 127 thou , both calibres had the primers pocket uniformed with the same tool , Made up a couple of the .243 loads up with the dented primers and took them to the range , no problems there!

Just tried to take a few pictures but the indent isn't showing as it is only slight but definate .
Any ideas anyone , I think I have narrowed it down to the magnum primers as it just doesn't do it with the normal primers but I don't no why that should be !!