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Thread: First stalk ever 2007

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    First stalk ever 2007

    This was the result of my first stalk ever in 2007.
    We began by checking zero early evening followed by a safety briefing and an outline of what the first beat was going to be. Due to the large area to be covered we began a drive around in the Landy, stopping frequently to scan the horizon through the Swarovskis.
    Now, being used to seeing lots of rabbits and a fair few foxes through my scope every time I go out, I started to wonder where ' all the deer' are. Bless. Nothing seen on the first evening, but spotted this yearling on the morning stalk....stop Landy, reverse, identify. Engine off, slide out of cab like a snake, sticks up and bang , first one in the bag. Now done DSC1 and love every minute. Much patience has been learned...wonderful.

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    Hi Richard,
    Bloody well done mate! I'm chuffed for you, I always get really excited when I hear of a novice stalker getting his first deer. It brings back so many memories.

    Here is to many more!

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    good on you
    looks like that rifle has been well and truly christened now,
    here's to many more

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    Cracking stuff, well done, its great to see and hear about someones first animal. Got you hooked now I bet

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