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Thread: Large Galvanised Trailer

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    Large Galvanised Trailer

    Hi Guys
    I am looking for a trailer for my ARCTIC CAT QUAD 700, would love a galvanised one with extra room for a few deer carcases to go on as well ! has to be approx 12Ft or so long.

    Any PICTURES if possible or PM many thanks.


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    If you get one look after it some thieving git had mine away just before xmas leaving me not able to get out stalking as I cannot walk more than about 10m so without a trailer to take the quad on I am currently grounded.

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    Guessing this to small for you? 10 x 5 takes 1 ton

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    Hi Mate
    The only problem is you are too far away !


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakaras View Post
    Guessing this to small for you? 10 x 5 takes 1 ton

    Hi Mate
    Can you send me a picture of the floor i might me interested

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    Im struggling to find the rest of pics ruddy PC seems to have eaten them I will go and get a pic of floor tomorrow, the model is Ifor Willaims GD85 single axel with the sides added as an extra

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    Ok found a couple more anyone wants bigger pics pm an email Ill send full size......The floor is in good nick this was taken after unlaoding a stump grinder so its showing as grubby. Trailor is about 5 and half years old mileage wise its still on its first set of tyres. Its only done about 50 miles in the last 2 years, prior to that Id say its done a max of 600 and thats a guess its longest trip was 60 miles mostly it did 15 miles of so a week. Mostly been used to shift fruit tree prunings, sand and gravel, some soil and on 2 occasions one ton mini diggers and 2 times stump grinders.

    It currently needs new lenses on one of the side lights, couple of new reflectors and a new pin on the bar that goes accross the back to keep the sides ridged, all of which Im sorting. The ramp has dried on concrete from where a lad that worked for me had the mixer to close. Asking price to SD member is 1000 or near offer. Will take more pics tomorrow for anyone that wants them

    PS sorry to hijack thread but had some interested PMs if required Ill start a new one
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    I have exactly the same trailer. Deck was no good on mine so I removed it and put in a timber deck (decking boards.) Not a bad trailer. When I had the floor upI relined the brakes and put in stainless cables. Ebay not that expensive. Only thing I nees done is new gas pistons for the tailgate,

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