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Thread: Flexible all year stalking jacket?

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    Flexible all year stalking jacket?

    Hope someone is able to help?

    I have been looking around and am in a bit of a quandary about which stalking jacket to get. I know there is a huge range but the challenge is which one will work best for all year round, be it a single jacket or a 5 or 6 part system as some are advertised. I am looking for something that is warm in the dead of winter but just as good being able to adapt for summer. If I need two jackets then so be it but one would be preferred. Obviously I don't want to spend the earth but am able to stretch to around £300 if need be but would prefer not to.

    Can you suggest the make of jacket, colour and cost if possible?



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    The key to versatility in a clothing system is layers. The outer jacket wants minimal insulation in order to be comfortable in a wide range of climates.
    I would say that there is no such thing as the perfect single jacket as in summer anything heavier than an army issue cotton DPM jacket is likely to be too heavy/hot.
    I find most outer jackets are too thickly lined and usually with relatively poor insulation when compared to a decent fleece or wool jumper.

    I love my Harkilla ProHunter kit, I know some people don't rate it but it works for me due to being quite lightly lined I find it very versatile. In the summer though I just wear either a shirt or the above mentioned DPM jacket over a base layer.

    A decent base layer is a must in any conditions, it'll wick sweat and keep you warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Never have cotton next to the skin,and ideally not in any part of a clothing system.

    I would say go and try as many as possible as despite how things appear in pictures and descriptions, I find the cut/fit and quality can often seem quite different "in the flesh". The cheaper ranges don't tend to be cut/shaped as well or as thoughtfully as some of the higher end stuff. It all depends on your size and shape but I would strongly advocate trying before buying.
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    Another vote for the pro hunter !

    I have a harkila high bird jacket and Musto highland But the pro hunter is the best for stalking.

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    I have found a decent all round stalking jacket in the Sportchief All Year 3 Way jacket

    It has been great in mild weather without the zip in fleece, been great on the hill with a helly hansen baselayer (i run hot and it wicked really well), kept out the chill when foxing from the back of various pick-ups and kept out some prolonged heavy downpours too.

    Good solid construction and quiet for woodland stalking too, seems different outer material than the original saddle cloth type jacket which was very popular I believe.

    Can't rate it highly enough so far, managed to pick one up from John Norris for £97 in their sale this year, but it seems to be around the 180-190 mark.

    See here for info

    Sportchief All-year 3 Way Coat - Jacket from Scotts of Langholm UK

    Its the only realtree type patterned jacket I use but would thoroughly recommend it.


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    I have yet to find the perfect jacket, I do not think it exists. A compromise is called for and I honestly believe you need at least three. This is my selection;

    1/ The Sportchief or a Deerhunter Montana with the zip out lining is the most all-round jacket you can find, they are very similar, and will do for cool Autumn, warm Winter days and cool Spring days.

    2/ A lighweight gore-tex lined coat, I went for the Harkila Mountain grouse, for warmer weather.

    3/ A cold weather high-seat jobbie, I would suggest the Deehunter Rusky outfit, or do as I did and buy a 5 season coat from LL Bean/Cabela's with a big liner in them. Yes i look (even more) like the Michelin Man, but in minus 20 Centigrade I was still warm, which is outstanding.

    Regards, Simon
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    What type of stalking are you doing? Is it hill or woodland stalking? I to like the Härkila pro hunter jacket and trousers . The thing about Scandinavian clothing is its made for Scandinavian type hunting. Great gear if you are standing around in the forest while hunting with the dog or driven hunting. Most of the Scandi clothing was not made for woodland stalking or crawling around the Highlands of Scotland.
    I have done very little hill stalking, but have done a lot of woodland stalking and i used a Swandri jacket, great for summer and winter stalking unless its very hot. I still have one but its do's not get a lot of use now. I would not use a Pro hunter for woodland stalking, far to noisy for that.
    We have a short Roe buck ,rifle only season here and as its often still warm weather i dust of my trusty moleskin trouser and waist coat for that.
    Pro Hunter jacket and trousers for the Moose and Roe hunting with dogs where there is a lot of standing about in cold and wet weather.
    When I'm working the dog on Boar i have a Swedteam Hi Viz jacket which i must say was very good value for money, light, waterproof and very well made Worn with a pair of Boar proof trouser from Austria.

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    Thanks for the advice guys and have a good new year!

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    Country covers would be my choice. Wouldn't buy anything else .

    Atb Steve

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    Ridgeline smock for me.
    If realy cold though a kammo kodiak

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    just got a ridgeline 4 its waterproof quality used swanndri 4 years they are superb had some harkila leather trousers 4 about a year like em when its cold and dry no good when its wet and muddy ,too much to clean !

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