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Thread: Snap Caps -A suitable penalty? :shock:

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    Snap Caps -A suitable penalty? :shock:

    I was on a shoot the other day - nothing remarkable about that. A member of the syndicate has a 'mature' (and pretty collectable) S/S 12G. He habitually uses snap caps in this gun - although they remain an enigma to me.

    As he was leaving the shoot, he couldn't find his snap caps and so fitted two spent cartridges. As he was putting his gun in his car, he blew a hole straight through the drivers headrest and left a 5in diameter 'abrasion' (His words!!) to the laminated windscreen and A pillar. The latter happened to be in line with two other members of the syndicate who were at the time wishing him HNY. I understand their wishes changed somewhat after the incident. There is little doubt that they were extremely lucky that the windscreen laminate held (just). Equally fortuitous was the fact that the weather was lousy and lunch had just been served and almost everyone was in the 'Lodge' - most of the time, we tend to congregate outside.

    It transpires he put a live cartridge in by mistake and pulled the trigger as he was putting the gun in its slip to release the hammer pressure. I guess we should be grateful the gun was pointing into the car before he pulled the trigger........

    Leaving aside the obvious questions and statements, what are people's views as to the most appropriate and constructive penalty/sanction for such an indiscretion?

    Some might say that the undoubted embarrassment and shock might be enough (and the costs) - but there is a point here at syndicate level, where one occasionally has to deal with a low shot or whatever (hopefully not too many like this) and let's face it, this was a pretty basic mistake. It might be coming to the end of the season, but apathy that uses end of season as an excuse for not dealing with the issue is not my preferred approach. Thoughts please?
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    It might have been a basic mistake but it could have been a deadly one.
    Surely the shoot captain should have issued a ban? or made the chap issue a public apology?
    Never used snap caps but i have used spent cartridges...........cut in half.
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    There are two times when you should be pulling the trigger on any weapon
    1. When it is pointing at something you want to shoot
    2. When it is pointing in a safe direction

    As to what happens to the gentleman in your syndicate, that's for them to decide.
    Personally windscreen/door pillar that's coming a head height,there but by the grace of God someone was in big trouble.

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    What a silly boy that could of cost a life, ban for life if i was the shoot captain.

    A bit hash but true

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    Most negligent discharges happen whilst unloading or loading.
    Muzzle awareness is one of my 'pet hates' when training or witnessing. It can, and does happen which is why any weapon should be pointed in a safe direction at all times, but especially during unloading and loading!
    Pointing in the air is not safe!
    Point in a safe direction at a soft piece of ground is the best solution.
    Your friends mistake is a timely reminder to everyone, and sadly, he should pay the price in some way.
    He got lucky this time, but it could have been fatal!
    Never point a gun at anyone, (whether it is unloaded or not!), and always point it in a suitable safe direction when unloading or loading!!

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    Perhaps put the boot on the other foot. Ask him what he feels would be most appropriate. In his position I don't think I would want to return to the syndicate. He might choose to leave which would give everyone an easy out. Luck is hitting a very high bird, it should not play a part in basic safety.

    Very sad situation, but one that has to be dealt with. I don't envy you the task.

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    M S is right why muzzel awareness is vital if putting his gun away he must have been holding it nearly horizontal in the car consequense does not bear thinking of. releaseing springs in a gun I believe makes very little differance to spring life so I am told the practice goes back to hammer gun days I belive.anyway it if you want to do it leave it till you have cleaned it and its going into the cabinet. on a shoot yesterday I quiatly told a gun off for carrying a gun loaded and level in both hands through a wood

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    I am with M. S. on muzzle awareness and pulling the trigger, it's just basic, what is drummed into us as young shots.

    I am afraid I would not want to shoot with this chap, I would never feel safe, and I cannot imagine that anyone in your syndicate will feel safe with him around anymore.

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    Buckup has it, & if the guy doesn't have the proper conclusion to the invitation to depart, then eject him.
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    We used to invite a friend along quite frequently to our shoots, and it was always a bit of a scare as a couple of us almost got nailed once or twice. Even with a few harsh words spoken on each occasion, it just seemed the chap didn't have the ability to 'stop and think' before taking aim

    Finally he almost took his own head off with his firearm, which stopped him from shooting deer.

    When he almost nailed my buddy at a duck shoot (he literally had to dive out of the way), this sparked him to throw in the towel. He finally realised he was not safe to others, and has never shot since.

    Stupid not to be able to think carefully in the first place, but admirable to realise stopping the participation in the sport is the best thing to do for the sake of others.

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