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Thread: Training Aids/books for DSC1 & 2?

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    Training Aids/books for DSC1 & 2?

    I got a DSC 1 Course for christmas (been meaning to do it for a while) which I intend to book ASAP and then follow it up with DSC2.
    What books and or other training aids do people use?
    I was thinking of the BDS training manual for stalkers and maybe deerstalking and management by les potter???

    Is there any point in getting the "best practices" guide as well as the training manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigglet View Post
    ...Is there any point in getting the "best practices" guide as well as the training manual?
    The SNH Best Practice Guide is worthwhile getting. Some of the photography is excellent. I would have added a SNH link, but it's not working at present.

    Rgds JCS
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    Donnington deer management do good level one and two manuals also gralloching dvd

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    Thanks guys I look at those.

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    You should get the DSC 1 manual as part of the registration fee and the best practice guidlines are all online and 'free'(both North and now South of the border). They will contain all you will need to know for level 1.
    However, keep learning all you can and NEVER stop!

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