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Thread: Kent, Sussex, Surrey and others

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    Kent, Sussex, Surrey and others

    Any active stalkers on here fancy meeting up for a beer in the Kent or East sussex area in the near future? If so, does any one know of a suitable shooting friendly pub, some where around the county borders that is easy for everyone to get to?


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    sounds like a good idear to me
    depending when & where

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    ye i will be up for that too lads, when & where tho???

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    I am in the Medway towns, 20/20 is Tunbridge Wells. How about you Stu? I know that another mate would be intereted who is in the Seven Oaks area. Lets give it a few days and see if we get any one else interested and go from there.


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    Im not far from Maidstone Fred

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    OK. holiday season is over. Any one else interested in meeting up for a beer?


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    Ok lets see if there are any SERIOUS takers this time

    I have no problem with most dates at present, except weekends which are limited at present due to stalking booked. However lets have some suggestions for a beer and a meal from members in Kent, East Sussex, Essex and London.

    Let me know when and where and we can put it together. Now its up to members to respond.

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    ok first thing to work out is where, some where with about equal traveling for all if poss . what area are you in sikamalc

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    I would be free most weekday evenings to meet up for a beer and a meal and am willing to travel any where in the region. Living in Thanet, you are probably the furthest East of any one on here Malcolm. Stu is South of Maidstone and Steve is in the T.Wells area. Any others interested parties before we look for a pub in a fairly centralish location to us?

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    As Malc has said, lets hope people turn up this time,
    We and two others went last time, north of Tonbridge. the others didn't show
    as I have now retired I can make almost any time.
    Sharpie and I live in Hastings, so somewhere near Tonbridge Wells would be easier to get to.

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