I thought I would start with a seasonal greeting for everyone, before I launch into the "me stuff" so Best wishes to all and Happy 2011

I have been shooting in general for over 20 years. In that time I have used a range of air rifles, shotguns and rifles.
I currently have shotguns which I use for clay shooting and also rough shooting, I have a .22 and a .243 rifle. Shooting and Deer Stalking are my significant hobbies taking precedence over everything other than the essesntials (work and family)
I completed my DSC 1 in September 2010, I'm not sure about whether to progress to my DSC 2 yet as I was advised to become more experienced with the gralloch first.
I have done several accompanied and unaccompanied stalks and have been successful with both roe and fallow. I am keen to learn more as I don't know of a buzz that compares to the success! I do also realise that stalking can be 80% unsuccesful!
I live in Shropshire but am looking for stalking opportunities locally and nationally