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Thread: New Tikka - Cheap Deal?

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    New Tikka - Cheap Deal?

    I'm after a Tikka T3 in .223 synthetic/stainless or laminate if i can afford it. I was looking at the Sportsman Gun Centre website and they seem to be doing pretty good deals - stainless laminate and a 3-12 x 50 Zeiss scope and a Wildcat silencer for 1700 inc vat, that cant be bad? also what is the difference in the standard rifle compared to the Varmint one? i see it has a heavier barrel and comes with a 6 round mag but is it worth the extra cash, is a heavier barrel better?

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    the difference bewtween the standard and the varmint is going to be the weight
    I would say it depends on the type of shooting your going to be doing with it
    if your going to be walking long distances then id favour the standard
    if its going to be sat on a bipod on top of a roof all night ater charlie or
    your doing alot of work on the range then id favour the varmint .
    the best advice I can give is for you to go to the shop and handle both models
    with all the kit on scope , moderator , bipod , and then make the choice
    hope this helps regards pete .

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    The varmint is probably longer barrelled, meaning potential for increased muzzle velocity, and ability to deliver greater accuracy at longer ranges. The heavier barrel has a larger diameter for greater heat dispersion as far as I understand. I was messing around with a Win Mod 70 .308W in Heavy Varmint. It was a fun looking firearm, but after some thought, couldn't see myself dragging the extra weight around for stalking purposes, also if I left the 24" barrel and added a moderator, I'd be carrying a flagpole around on my back.

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    The varmint barrels on the T3 are still 20" if they are factory threaded, 22" if they are the older unthreaded inventory.

    I've got one in .308 and while it is a pleasure to shoot it does weigh nearly a stone all up and the balance is very far forward so offhand shots are a no-no. Fine if you're bench or prone but a lump if you're on the hill. If you're firing 10 shot strings the barrel is great, if not then it's just heavy.

    A bare Tikka T3 laminate (hunter profile) can be had for about 900 if you shop around (FA Anderson is advertising them). 600 scope, 120 optilocs, 250/300? mod and the 1770 doesn't look bad value.

    P.S. Am sure you know this but it is worth checking the twist rate, they have varied in the .223 in the past and this will affect your options re bullet weight.
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    Just to let you know I have always found Sportsman Gun Centre have a good variety and are great for browsing BUT... They are normally the most expensive, if you shop around some local gun shops and RFD's I am sure you can find a Great deal. Good luck anyway, and a good choice of gun.

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    cheers for the info guys. Yea, i'm gonna give Macleods of Tain a call next week, they'r a fair bit closer to me aswell but im still plannin a trip to manchester for a car in a week or 2 so will still go for a look anyway. also can you get cheap millitary surplus ammo in the uk? what would i pay for cheap .223 / 5.56mm FMJ's? I was in America all summer working on a harvest crew, the boss had 2 AR15 rifles, dumping 30rnds in the genral direction of coyotes... what fun! . but we were buying ammo for $3 a box of 20! I bet it must be 5 times that here.

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    Hi hope this is of some help to you. I bought a tikka t3 hunter in walnut around 5mnths ago, its a 223 which came threaded and i had it topped off with a reflex t8 mod and a set of harris bypods. The rifle was around the 700 mark which i thought was really good after doing lots of price comparisons. I bought it from tom at continental shooting supplies in dalry ayrshire....who provided a first class service. This is where i decided to really go against the grain and as funds were limited at the time i had fitted a ......wait for it.... top of the range leader in the field.... HAWKE SCOPE.!!!!! a night eye at a whopping 120 new. Just as a trial after reading so much about top quality scopes at a few thousand pounds each i thought i would give the hawke a go.................result............ an outfit that out of the box after 10 minutes of zeroing produces time after time a 3/4 inch group at 150 yards . I am feeding the rifle a staple diet of sako gameheads, 50 grain and am very impressed with the results. With engine room placements the rifle is dropping roe deer on the runners so far at 100 / 150 yRDS... AND IS VERY EFFECTIVE ON FOX. Just thought i would mention as so much is written against 223 rifles and cheaper scopes in the 100 to 300 price range.......i wouldnt change this set up for all the tea in of luck mate.

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