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Thread: A good day to be me.

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    A good day to be me.

    I recently received a Brno #1 rifle as a replacement to one I'd ordered earlier from my favorite distributor. The rifle is beautiful but my first two trips to the range were a mixed bag for accuracy. I would get one or two exactly where I think they should have been, and then one drastically out. I wrote it off to the weather: damned cold and windy. The typical Montana winter mix.

    Today I took a bit of time to shoot it again. It is blizzarding, of course, but this time I shot from the comfort of the driver's seat in my Jeep. I have shot thousands of rounds at varmints like this while driving the back-country and I am quite good at it. Well, the groups were again, spotty. Better with high speed ammunition than standard velocity which was surprising. Usually these Brno's are not fussy in the least.

    When I got home and got my eyeballs thawed, I took a magnifier to the muzzle to check the rifling. Someone had recessed (if you can call it that) the rifling back almost a half inch. The drill bit they used -and it was a drill bit by the look of it- was just a bit larger than the groove diameter of the barrel, and not overly straight. That would explain a lot.

    So. Before dinner the hacksaw came out, along with some files, a rotary carbide ball cutter and a small toolmakers square and I had at it.

    The barrel is now an inch shorter and I will miss the front sight for the time being. The crown is smooth and the rifling is crisp. I think it will shoot.

    I was explaining the process to a friend of mine tonight and seeing the look of horror on his face when I mentioned the hacksaw. I was again reminded that coming from a tradesman's life can be a good thing. ~Muir

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    i wonder what your thoughts were of why someone would use probably a hand drill on the end of there barrel? i cant think of any myself unless something was stuck there but even then,,a drill?

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    hi muir
    reminds me of a few years back when the miroku trap model was all the rage
    buy it brand new then get home straight out to the workshop grab the electric
    sander and proceed to lower the comb untill its fits .
    the look on the wifes face was a picture .
    I hope the new rifle shoots well next time out .
    regards pete .

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    Hi Muir,
    I can't believe anyone would do that, hopefully it all gets sorted now.
    My first rifle was a BRNO .243, very accurate gun, a real workhorse.

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    Hmmm I would have been tempted to bore out the offending mess with a single point tool in the lathe. Assuming the receiver would fit into the headstock. However dressing the saw cut square only take a bit of care and the use of a suitable square and time. Skill halps too .

    Muir I take it you will transplant the foresight?

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    Brit: Eventually. Too damned cold to go out to the garage to get my torch. For now it's scoped and the iron sights were just for back-up use. The reason that boring was ruled out is that I have found that it requires about 5/8" clearance around the muzzle of a .22 for such an arrangement to work. I used to bore out old heavy barreled Winchester 52's and the like to reduce barrel time with match or standard velocity ammo for people shooting 100M metallic Silhouette competition.(making a zimmerschuetzen type affair) Under 5/8" diameter the accuracy was off. As the Brno only has a barrel diameter a little over 1/2 at the muzzle I figured I would just take it off. This way I can be cutting the crown directly instead of in the bottom of a hole.

    I believe someone thought that the rifling was worn or damaged. I'm sure that they used a twist trill because they had one.

    I should mention that my distributor surely didn't notice this counter boring and would have taken the rifle back should I have asked. He's top notch. I've bought a dozen rifles and handguns from him with 100% satisfaction. I like this rifle. It has a great trigger and I'm sure that there is some accuracy waiting for me.~Muir

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    Ahhh yes I had not considered the clearence properly as for the trigger I can believe it the early ones were very good indeed. My one Model 2 has a trigger that breaks like a glass rod . It seems that Brno re-furbished these. I saw the importers catalogue where they listed new and then the re-furbished ones. Mine it seems is one of the re-furbs.

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    I believe mine is as well. The extractors are new and the bolt looks new as well. The glass rod description suits mine as well. It's almost light enough to shoot now but just at 0'F. Oh my......~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyr View Post
    i wonder what your thoughts were of why someone would use probably a hand drill on the end of there barrel? i cant think of any myself unless something was stuck there but even then,,a drill?
    Such 'counter boring' was quite common with military rifles being refurbished at an arsenal. The reason being that the training and practice of soldiers had them "cleaning" their barrels at every down moment, AND the instructions were to clean from the muzzle. Of course this wore the lands at the muzzle, and wore them unevenly. The "cure", from a military cost-effective point of view, was to 'counter bore' the muzzle back about an inch. Considering that "volley fire" was taught and used, at least by the US, through the Viet Nam war, this is not a bad idea for a military combat rifle.

    1) I've never shot a rifle so counter-bored that shot worth a damn, and
    2) I can't imagine doing it with a drill bit and then expecting good results.


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    i would have took it back and asked the guy to file the front sight off before i shoved it up his arse

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