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Thread: Tikka M695 deluxe 25-06 FS 425

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    Tikka M695 deluxe 25-06 FS 425

    Tikka m695 Deluxe ,1 owner rifle, used exclusively for hill stalking.Factory screw cut and 1/2" UNF. Not used in the last 5 years due to health issues.

    I would describe the rifle as in very good if not excellent condition. There is a slight mark on the barrel from the T8 bush and a couple of slight marks to the stock. These are just marks to the finish (as in a bit of a dull spot) however and not the wood so no dings or chips.
    Comes with one 3 shot mag and the T8 bush.

    There is also a meopta artemis 7X50 4b ret, in the box with all papers, with optilocks, availabe by seperate negotiation should a potential buyer wish. The scope is not for sale seperately.

    The story with the rifle is that I bought it with the intention of selling my M65 but after being advised by pretty much everyone that this would be a HUGE mistake, I decided to keep that.
    I was hoping that being a member of a rifle club would allow me to keep both rifles by putting the 25-06 down for target use and trying to get deer and fox added to it.
    Due to work and family commitments I've not yet managed to satisfy requirements to reach full member status yet so this option is still not available and the rifle is sat at the local RFDs.
    I bought the rifle from a stalker who used it solely for hill stalking and due to health issues hasn't been hill stalking for 5 years. He has a .243 he uses for woodland and fox so it was surplus to requirements. He is fastidious about his kit and the condition of both ths and all his rifles is testament to that.
    It was advertised on the BBS forum by his friend rimmotu.
    I'll try and add some pictures later.

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    Pics don't really do it justice but as it's at the RFD's I can't do any better...

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    could you tell me is it a 595 or a 695 ?

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    It will be a 695 Andy - and just the sort of rifle you're looking for

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    Pigglet -

    I am guilty: one of 'the many' who pleaded with you to keep the 65. Nonetheless, this 69 is still a major cut above the current crop of T3s. It looks to be in excellent and very genuine condition. I hope you sell, and I hope the buyer appreciates what a really fine rifle he or she is acquiring.

    Best of luck to all.
    KevinF -

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    in the title mate

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    Thanks Kevin, yes it is lovely rifle in very good condition. I know everyone has a different idea of what constitutes something that is "mint" or "excellent" but unless you found a rifle that was new old stock or had just been used a couple of times I think you'd struggle to find one in better condition.
    It's a shame it has to go but it's been sat at the RFD's for a couple of months now and I don't know when/if I'll be able to get it on my ticket

    It is a 695 (695 is long action eg 30-06, 270, 25-06)

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    I've had a couple of questions regarding scope and mounts so the details are as follows:
    Meopta artemis 2000 7x50 with 4A deer specific range finding ret, :: MEOPTA SPORTS OPTICS ::
    I value the optilocks at 50 for rings and bases, The scope has a small spec of dust on the inside of the objective which I only noticed recently. It doesn't effect the performance in any way and should be sorted under warranty. Apart from that it has always been sat in optilocks and is unmarked with original lense covers and everything in the box as when it was new. As it is I value the scope at 175

    So total package is 650. No offers as I think this is fair and the scope is only available to the rifle buyer.

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    If I lived in the UK I would snap it up, that is a nice rifle and a very fair price in my eyes. Good luck selling it.
    Atb Toby

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