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Thread: Lyman LE 1000 Instructions

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    Lyman LE 1000 Instructions


    I recently bought a job lot of reloading kit which includes a set of Lyman LE 1000 electronic scales. I have switched them on and played about a bit. They seem to work ok.

    While fiddling with them I removed a plastic cover from underneath, which revealed a compartment with a brass calibration weight inside. There is a "cal" button. I assume these scales can be re-calibrated using the weight.

    Unfortunately I don't have the instruction manual for the scales. I have had a search on the web and can't find one.

    I wondered if anyone could either talk me through the procedure for calibration or, better still, photocopy the instruction manual for me. Having read the advertising blurb it seems that the scales have a few useful functions but without the manual I'm not sure how to access them.

    I'd be very happy to pay the costs of copying and postage, plus a drink (or some flies if you're a fly fisherman) for your trouble. Without the manual the scales are a bit useless so I'd be very grateful for any help.



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    Thanks Muir.

    The controls are not exactly the same but the sequence works and I've managed to zero the scales.

    Much appreciated.


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