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Thread: South Wales Meet ?

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    South Wales Meet ?

    Anyone in the South Wales area interested in a meet up in the new year for a beer and to swap stalking stories?


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    tiger tiger in cardiff nice place and the manager is a stalker ade 30.06 atb paul

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    Thanks Paul, thats a starting point. Only 1 reply to the thread though?!?!? Where is everyone? I know there are lots more on here from the area......

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    hi edd, where you from in south wales?

    how long you been stalking?


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    I recomend Tiger Tiger too for stalking the two legged female species, met a good group of lads there we talked about meeting up again soon i'm not sure of the date yet


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    Sika stalker, I'm in cwmbran. Where are you? I havent been stalking long but get out whenever I can possibly too often if there is such a

    So does anyone fancy arranging a SD meet up? Tiger Tiger sounds good to me.


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    hi Edd,

    i'm from Neath, Port Talbot area.
    as the guys have said Ade 30-06 is the manager of tiger tiger and he is working on a sydicate, the guys meet there.
    i've not been there myself as yet but i will be going to the next one, watch this space!!

    do you stalk local?

    i've been at it for about 3 years now and i dont get out enough!!


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    is this going anywhere

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