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Thread: CCI Primers

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    CCI Primers

    Does anyone use CCI primers? I did, then found out that they are made slightly larger than other primers for oversized primer pockets. I always wondered why they were tight to fit

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    I use them no problems to report . Can not comment on any others as i have had no reason to change.

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    I've had this problem in the past when trying to use CCI in Norma cases.
    I am told that there are microscopic differences in dimensions between manufacturers and that the only solution is to try primers of another maker.
    Out of personal choice I avoid CCI purely because years ago a rogue batch of primers came into the country that were virtually armour plated. No matter what you used they were almost impossible to make an impression on. Many other shooters encountered the same problem, mostly in competion events at Bisley.
    Did CCI want to know?
    Did the importers Edgar Brothers want to Know?
    Did the suppliers want to replace the defective primers - a big fat NO to all three. Therefore I have avoided buying their primers ever since, and only buy as a last resort.

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    I started loading with vihtavuori and since the supply dried up have used CCI in pistol (that dates me) and rifle, normally standard primers but the 25/06 runs on magnum and the 223 prefers benchrest.

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    I have used CCI primers for years with no problems at all, large rifle, small rifle and pistol all OK. I have used them in a variety of brass, no problems. I also have used Federal primers over the same length of time with exactly the same results.

    This of course only reflects the fact my precision standards are hunting standards, my rifles happen to be MOA but that is more down to the inherent accuracy of them as opposed to my consistent loading. Of course if I was involved in a discipline that required a consistent degree of extreme accuracy, then I would pay a lot more attention to detail, which would of course include the primer.


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    JAYB, I got the impression that the original question from jingzy was more related to dimensional differences between manufacturers and compatability of primers to cases, not the quality of the primer.
    I have obviously caused confusion by relating to why I don't personally purchase CCI primers, which is more due to the attitude of the suppliers than the present quality of the product.
    Having used Federal (my favourite), RWS, Sellier & Bellot, Remington, Winchester and one or two others over the years I still find the comment that there are microscopic dimensional differences between manufacturers to be correct. These dimensional differences can occasionally lead to reluctance to seat or a sloppy fit in some cases, either could be unsafe and should be avoided. Like yourself I look for acceptable accuracy and reliability not for bench rest standards.

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    Well, I have no idea why they are manufactured to different specifications than others, and if I misunderstood the original post then I apologise. Having said that I can honestly say that I have never had any trouble seating CCI primers in relation to other makes. Luck of the draw I expect.


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    cci primers

    Over the years i have used all sorts of primer but settled on cci as they were always on the shelf easy to get in my area . I have only had two misfires in about 10,000 rounds not the primers fault some pratt put them in the wrong way round me so i speak as i find i always use lapua cases now and they fit a treat

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    I've had two primers fail on me over the past couple of months,one federal small rifle & one cci large rifle,the cci made me very unhappy 'cos I had a buck in my sights & had to rush a second shot.
    I can't see how in an industry as important as ammunition manufacturing,this can be allowed to happen.

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    primer failiure.

    I had a cci primer fail. I normally would think i had not seated the primer properly or it had got contaminated, but i checked it afterwards and all appeared fine, it had a nice deep pin strike and was seated correctly.

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