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Thread: Solvents for ultrasonic cleaners

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    Solvents for ultrasonic cleaners

    Following a recent tip from this forum, I bought a u/sonic cleaner from Lidl's. I have been using vinegar & washing-up liquid. Does anyone else have their favourite concoctions as I am just starting out on my voyage of brass alchemy.

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    I use fairy liquid and baking soda, the bubbles from the baking soda are meant to assist with cleaning but it may be complete rubbish. The cases look clean though!

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    From my days in the lab:

    Water 99%
    Ammonia: 1%
    Three drops of washing up liquid

    I'd keep away from vinegar as acetic acid residues will remain and start the corrosion process.

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    Limulus, From my lab days (Metals Research) I would avoid ammonia. Probably 1% soln. will do no harm but stronger solutions will destroy the bond between the grain boundaries in brass and cause minute cracks. On similar threads I have warned against using Brasso for cleaning cases.

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    I'm just going on what we used for the females jewellery (apart from a bit of degassing use thats all the ultrsonic bath was used for)
    If metallurgy is your area then obviously your advise should be taken


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    I have read that diluted Birchwood Casey case cleaner is very effective used in ultrasonic cleaners, but haven't tried it yet. Iosso works but it is much more expensive than BC. I think people have spent hours trying all sorts of concoctions of vinegar and washing up liquid, etc. but most of the results I have heard about point towards BC as being the most effective.
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    Stop messing around with receipes and weird concoctions. Ultrasonic cleaners will clean your cases like nothing else if you'll give them the chance. Buy the right fluid intended for metals and alloys - a litre will last the average target shooter months and deer stalker at least a year.

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    In the past i have used a small ultrasound cleaner with flat coke to clean very small brass scuba regulator parts, and it made them gleam. We also used very dilute glacial acetic acid, basically vinegar and again it fairly cleaned them. The manufacturer of the cleaners and service kits recommended various propriatory cleaning agents, all expensive. I probably used the above for over 20 years with absolutely no problems or issues. All the parts were washed down with hot water soapy water and then cold water and allowed to dry before re assembly.

    I am in no way recommending the above as i am no expert on reloading, but it worked for brass scuba parts.

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    pinch a detergent tablet from the missus... incredible result!!!!

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    I use neat vinegar in my ultrasonic, I did 50 today and they are absolutely mint when they have been cycled a few times. I rinse them in water afterwards and dry them in the oven at 80 degrees for 30 mins.

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