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Thread: Basic Optics: Any recommendations?

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    Basic Optics: Any recommendations?

    I have Ruger No1 V 223 which came with a non-descript and very used scope. It groups OK at 100m but there is quite a lot of distortion at the edge of the picture. I also have a set of Carl Ziess Jena 8x30W Jenoptem glasses which I quite like, but I recently looked through a pair of Swarowski's and now I'd like something better.

    The rifle will be used mainly for range work with some roe stalking and possibly long range rabbit shooting. The glasses for roe and red stalking.

    I'm aware of the "get what you pay for" element of this, but I'm also on a tight budget.

    Can anyone recommend a set of glasses and a scope for around 500 for the lot?

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    Have a look at the leupold range, scopes and binos are good for the price.I can understand you wanting something better if you have looked through a pair of swarovski glasses.

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    Burris Fullfield 11 with ballistic ret and a set of Minox 8x42s (i have both) good kit, great price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanker View Post

    I'm aware of the "get what you pay for" element of this, but I'm also on a tight budget.

    Can anyone recommend a set of glasses and a scope for around 500 for the lot?
    You have answerd your own question! If you can't see it you can't kill it! Spend as much as you can or take the scope of and replace it with iron sights and learn to get very very close!

    Or you could just spend a decent amount on some quality glass.

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    i can agree with rooster i have both also and both are exellent in the lowest of light and the ballistic plex is spot on for longer ranges on rabbit and fox mines sat on a 270 and cannot fault them one bit,atb wayne

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    If you can stretch the budget by another 100 I'd be tempted to buy these Zeiss 7x42's from Gregor:

    And maybe this Leupold scope:

    If you can't, buy the binos and then save up for a scope . A 6x42 or 8x56 from a reputable manufacturer will be a good investment.

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    The Burris plex fits my ammunition ballistics perfectly, 130grain Nosler partitions, it's looked at quite a lot of live quarry,............. before they lay down, also pretty good out to 600 yards on fixed clays too!
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    Thanks very much everyone, for all of that. Very helpful indeed

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    Minox makes scopes and they have a scope bino combo offer on the the US. The snag is finding someoen who will ship out of the US.

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    hi Flanker,
    i have an 8x 56 schmit hungarian scope, i've had it for 3 years and find it a cracking scope, it cost me around 380 which i though very good value for the money.


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