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Thread: Got Bored so Did another Knife

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    Got Bored so Did another Knife

    Just finished this one today

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    nice one thats lovely where do you get your brass ferrules from i have made a couple and want to do some more but abit more fancy,ps what thickness blade have you gone for ,atb wayne

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    Hi Mereside

    The ferrules are brass tubing that is counter sunk once the handle is shaped and the bade is 3mm 01 tool steel.



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    That’s a fine looking knife, Heres one that I made for a old friend, it was more for show than to use. where did you get your blades from?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    cheers pete have you tried to make mosiac pins before ,wayne

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    Yes Wayne..made them once as per my other knife here...thats a nice knife charlie with an great twist using the antler, re the blade I made it from 01 flat bar stsock the ground it to 20 degree scandi

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    pete thanks for that just one more question when building up your mosaics did you build up in sections or put it all together then fill with resin ,cheers wayne

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    I did mine in one go..super glued sections then filled with epoxy...which is the hardest bit.

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    That is one nice looking knife Chickenman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman View Post
    Just finished this one today
    who knows with practice ya'll get good !! Ya can send that prototype here ,i'll dispose of it . well done , great knife .

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