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Thread: Two Charlies on boxing day with new rifle

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    Two Charlies on boxing day with new rifle

    Just back from Kintyre after the Christmas break. Decided to take the lamping gear with me this time as the in-laws own a hill farm and was lucky enough to bag two dog foxes in the space of 20mins from leaving the house on Boxing Day! Even better was that this was my first time that I have shot the x-bolt at live quarry. Well chuffed!! Can't think why I have never taken the lamps before, think I am hooked!

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    Also managed to spook a third charlie 60yds away following day after stumbling upon it, didn't have enough hands or time unfortunately.... there's always next time??

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    well done timney what caliber is it?

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    Thats the way to do it, in fine style
    There not a fox safe
    Happy New year
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    well done timney what caliber is it?
    Thanks SLA, I have the .243 calibre stainless stalker. I swapped for my tikka t3 Varmint s/s and I must say I like it a lot! It feels very grippy and well balanced which I felt was lacking in my T3, also a tad lighter even with the mod on. What made the night more special was that I was expecting it to be foggy and a waste of time, but luckily there were enough clear patches to identify and take a clear shot. Both dropped on the spot. I have lamped many times for foxes with other people before, but never on my own which is why I think this has got me hooked. One lesson I have learned though is always be ready for a quick shot as the third left me bumbling round like an idiot as it took me by surprise!!!

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    dont beat your self up to much about the 3rd fox lamping on your own isnt easy especialy on foxes that wont sit

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    Happy New year to you all, hope 2011 is a good year ....

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    Cracking job. Well done. Happy new year indeed.


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