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Thread: Lame Deer.

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    Lame Deer.

    Should a lame deer be shot on sight, regardless of season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Should a lame deer be shot on sight, regardless of season?
    Hi Moonraker,

    Depends how lame, and the nature of the lameness. For example, if it's just a slight limp, then I would say give it the benefit of the doubt. However, if it is seriously carrying a limb, or if there are signs of swelling, broken skin, broken bones, then I would cull the animal on sight- regardless of season.

    Then again, if it's a female with a dependent fawn/kid/calf then you have a dilemma!



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    I agree with the above but would also consider the overall general condition of the deer, if its feeding ok and condition is good then I wouldn't but if it was clearly suffering/in poor condition and not coping with the injury then I would cull.

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    Id agree with pneudart first time for everything hey Mike !



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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Id agree with pneudart first time for everything hey Mike !


    Lol, cheers!

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    If you think it could get through it and do ok then leave it. If it's really hurting then shoot it - day, night, in or out of season. The feelings of the animal come first every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pneudart View Post
    Lol, cheers!
    This marriage wont last lol!!

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    I had this dilemma a few years ago. I saw a fallow doe with a pronounced limp, probably as a result of an injury sustained jumping one of the many wire fences in the area. As she was an unusual white doe I decided to give her a few days and was pleased that I left her as when I saw her again a week or so later the limp was much improved.

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    All depends on how serious the limp is and how you think the deer is coping
    to what might of caused it
    and time of year makes a big difference to what might be the cause and how the recovery may go
    This Fallow Doe looks in trouble but actually is fit , healthy mobile and heavily pregnant and was still going strong untill some idiot on neighbouring ground thought it needed culling but gave no consideration to it's young

    or in this one
    same bunch of fallow but here you can a dark fallow on far left walking semi ok
    then it again appears with a slight limp as it moves further down the picture
    I chose this one , as I guessed the problems were more internal and not likely to of be caused by an outside injury of such

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    And were they Rich?

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