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    Post Hello from a New member from South Wales

    hello and happy new year,

    I am relatively new to deer stalking, got my FAC in 2007 since then i have completed my DSC1 and have been on a number of outings in Dorset and Nr basingstoke, i have managed to bag muntie and roe but the Sika and Fallow have thus far managed to elude me!!

    look forward to chatting, and would be interested in hearing about any deer management groups in south wales and any other area with vacancies!

    kind regards
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    Hi Mate, Welcome to the forum. We welsh are taking over.

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    thanks mate,

    the way it should be!

    nice heads

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    Welcome SS, you have come to the right place. So much info on this site and Opportunity,s.
    Where a bouts you from


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    Hi David,

    i'm for the neath port talbot area mate, as you say there some good stuff on here!
    where abouts you from?


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    Welcome Andrew,

    Good luck with your quest for the Sika. Fantastic animals and possibly the most interesting to stalk. Coming from someone who hasn't stalked the little munty and CWD.


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    Hi DC,
    thanks for the welcome!

    it's quite interesting that i've been out the most for sika, seen loads, but as luck goes usaully out for season.

    i was in a seat last year and a herd of around 30 hinds and young came into around 10yards, and a few of them looking at me! again they were out of season.

    i did shoot a nice pricket last year it dropped like a stone! when we whent to retrive it, it was like aliens had come down and sucked it up! no paint no pins nothing?

    my friend who was with me i a very experianced stalker and he was amaized also, we looked for hrs when an d got a dog also, but nothing.
    so the hunt goes on.

    i hope you get a change to go on the munty a great animal.


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