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Thread: Helpfull firearms dept

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    Helpfull firearms dept

    I just moved here to NZ, so I went to the main police station in Palmerston North and enquired about bringing my rifles and shotgun over,
    I was gobsmacked at the helpfullness and friendliness of the copper that willl deal with it for me.
    He gave me advice how to get them here and when to get them sent over.
    It is supposed to take 8 weeks to apply for a FAC here, but he said it will take 4 as he reckons I shouldn`t be without my guns too long !!!
    I have to get 2 references 1 will be a friend of mine who is a Kiwi and lives close, the 2nd reference can be my wife ! can be good thing or bad thing I suppose
    When I mentioned my mates name he said " oh his daughter went to school with my daughter, if you too are mates then I better get you some hunting sorted out ,what do you want to hunt and where ?"
    I did ask him what could I own when I get my NZ FAC.
    His reply was "anything you want to buy!"
    I like it here even more now
    Will keep you all posted how it goes.

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    Hi John

    Been to Palmerston North, I think there is or used to be some good Sika stalking or should I say hunting now , near there. Did you get my PM? Not far from Wellington then on the ferry to South Island for a bit of mountain hunting.

    When I was over there they were talking about bringing in a rule to stop immigrants settling in Auckland, did that apply to you? Not that I would want to settle their.

    All the best


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    Hi John
    Glad to see your flat out getting the house sorted for the wife, and not thinking about rifles and hunting
    Hope she don't read the forum

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    hey john mate you are about my size could be a nice cheap swanndri stalking jacket for me. lol

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    House is sorted Wayne, so there! hard luck, you can`t drop me in the sh** !!
    I got the pm Thar thanx matey
    As for the FAC thingy.
    I got to attend a saftey talk at the cop shop, he told me would be no problem at all, as it`s all basic saftey stuff,watch a video, talk some stuff and then thats it,I think even I canmanage that
    I got the application form, its a singlet leaflet ! so easy to fill in,bet you lot are jealous
    I not applying for my FAC untill after wifey gets here and the container arrives,so she can be my 1 reference and my safe arrives, because, although the only security I need to show copper is a chain through the trigger gaurds and attached to a beam in the house, but they will come and look at my safe when it arrives as I will be changing my security set up,(and also he was intruiged by the size and weight of it )so I told them I might as well wait `til it arrives and do it all in one go.
    The Police over here do not have to have a list of the serial Nos of anyones rifles or shotguns,but they do advise everyone keeps there own list so if anyone gets burgeled they have to be able to tell them the No`s of anything stolen.
    Was supposed to go Possum shooting last night, with a borrowed 44 mag lever action,but it pi**ed down so sod that.!( I`m still a fair weather shooter in my old age )

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    Them english (welsh) pigs not good enough for you now are they john mate

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    Carl Gustaf
    Good luck on your new life in New Zealand John. It will be great to see some photos of your beasts when you get sorted.

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    Hi, was out in that neck of woods for 6 months some time ago. Possoms with a .22, and all the pigs we could hunt with a Knife! Follow their lead, and you won't go wrong.

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    Just an update on the FAC thingy.
    I sat my saftey test on july 31st, basic isn`t the word for it
    Passed that ok,so I applied for my fac 1st of sept, as we got our stuff here now, and the cabinet was ok.
    Customs said I could have put rifles in container but I wouldn`t want to do they would have confiscated them till i got fac.
    so i got a dealer in uk shipping them over now as police said i could ship them as soon as i applied for ticket.
    Police rang yesterday, they made an appointment to speak to my references, wife and a mate over here, so Kim can have any house/land she wants
    let you all know how its going

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