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Thread: Shoting Community Site Down

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    Shoting Community Site Down

    Guys, I know there are some members of here so hope it is OK to post that we have exceeded our bandwidth on the site and therefore it is not visible at the moment, I hope to get it back ASAP but being the weekend it may take a little longer than I hoped.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you bear with us!


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    Good luck Jerry, look on the bright side mate; at least the new troll can't post!

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    Well he cant post as I just banned him....

    What a moron!

    We are back up and running so if a mod can delete thisthread that is fine by me, it is no longer needed!

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    Just had a word with Mr B seems as though the Troll has been shot down again Obviously its one that has yet to learn that sites are now swopping information

    It would also appear that the Bradley Troll is on another site under the disguise of Harry One of our old time Troll hunters from this site found him. He is a bit like Van Helsing, the vampire slayer, he finds them in the lair and dispatches them

    Perhaps we should have a competition between sites, to see how many Trolls we take in a season

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