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Thread: Swarovski scope torture test videos - check out this numptie

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    Swarovski scope torture test videos - check out this numptie

    Not really sure what he's trying to prove (or disprove), but he's obviously got more money than sense. Try hard enough to break one and you can - just ask my mate who backed his car over his new rifle and scope.

    It does make me wonder why i wince when i knock mine against the edge of the gun safe though

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    what a **** why would you even do this to somthing you have just spent all that money on?
    whats his next trick tho, screwdriver through the front lense and see how it shoots then?

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    I'm looking for his address......................... so I can send him the bill for all these Handkerchiefs!
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    I thought this was how all americans tested there scopes i have the vortex viper on one of my rifles and i see it had similar tests done to it

    as deer man says only in america

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    I do that every time i go stalking with mine! do you's not?
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    well i tell you what we have all taken the piss out of this poor old chap but lets face it he is really showing us what are kit is actually capible of, this has actually inspired me to test my own kit so i ran up stairs and grabed my schmidt pmii and have deducted my own tests which i think acuratly boils down 1 year of roe stalking in wiltshire and my tests are as follows
    stage 1 :- i through my pmii into a chipfat fryer for 2 1/2 hrs to replicate the summer sun
    stage 2 :- i took a chisel to the lenses for half a hour to replicate a years worth of dust abrassion
    stage 3 :- i then zip tyed the scope to my tyre and drove 15 miles to replicate gerneral rough handling
    stage 4 :- whilst out driving i hit a cow but it was still alive so i used the scope as a priest to finish the cow off to replicate exactly what i would do on any animal i may wound throughtout the year, but this is highly unlikely as my scope is just so good!
    stage 5 :- return the scope to the rifle and test grouping, and as you may imagine the pmii was actually more acurate than ever before enabling me to achive sub 1" groups at 500yrds
    as a testiment to my fantastic scope i have placed a picture below and i would also like to thank the great boys and girls at schmidt and bender for there fantastic work and development of scopes and optics
    kind regards

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    Nice one SLA!!!! nearly fell off my seat!



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    Phwor that cured my swine flu

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