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Thread: Monster Fox Shot!

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    Monster Fox Shot!

    Nice article in the Sunday Times today about a monster fox shot in Maidstone, Kent. It was 26 1/2 lbs in weight and 4 ft in length. A nice picture of it beside a seven year old lad. It does look a whooper, the Fieldsports Channel are going to show video footage of it soon. They are also offering 100 for anyone with stories of big fox kills, so if any of you out there have any tales and proof of bigger beasts it might be worth looking into!

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    About a year ago i shot one that weighed 28 pound the next morning , he wasnt longer than usual but really stocky . Maybe 5 years ago my mate had 2 terrier bitches pushed out of an earth by a fox , he entered a strong dog well used to work and the ground just about bounced , after a quick 3 foot dig he opened up to the dog who had lost most of his teeth by now , the fox was growling at him from behind the shovel before he shot it and he weighed 30 pound . The dog never worked again

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    I took a 28 pounder from a railway bank in glasgow looks like he had been feeding on old chineese dinners and kebabs not long but he was a thick set as a staffy. I didnt weigh many back then but i had to with this one never seen one that size before of again .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    feeding on old chineese dinners and kebabs .
    How did u know that mate ? did he have slanty eyes and was he wearing a fez hat haha !

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    Around 3 years ago we nailed a whopper whilst out lamping - we didn't have a scale, but we found a tape measure: just about 4 feet from nose to tip, it was thick-set too. I've got a photo of it somewhere I'm sure, I'll see if I can root it out. (We laid it out next to a rifle for comparison).

    It was that big we checked and then checked again to make absolutely doubly 110% sure it was a fox before launching lead!
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    Ayy we breed em big in Kent

    I had an american client shoot a 27lb Fox in daylight on a lease I did have in Scotland about 15 or so years ago. I know it weighed in at that because we took it back to the larder and used the scales.

    However the next day, the keeper on the neighbouring estate shot one a 1lb heavier again in broad daylight.

    Now I know that seems unlikey but its the truth, the estate the 28lb one was shot on was Alladale and Deanich. Some of you may remember the keeper on there?


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    Some may wish to forget him if he had two foxes of that weight??? (joke).

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    I've shot a few long ones but nothing nearly that heavy. Around carlisle has some big ones but I've never heard of a 28 pounder

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    We get "dumpings" now and then and we shot one almost tame fox and with his nose on the ground and holding him up i was eye level with his gentleman vegetables... a real monster.

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